Prepare yourself for disaster recovery

By on October 24, 2017

People in India are always relaxed and calm about their businesses. On one hand we possess the vision to elevate our companies reach the clouds, but on the other hand, we do not keep any such solid back-ups to maintain that high tide position of the company during the bad times. We do not believe in keeping a mindset that anything bad can happen to us. However,  the worst seems to come when you are at a relaxed state. Have you ever thought what can be a backup plan if there occurs a severe cyber-havoc in your company due to any unforeseen circumstance?

In a world full of uncertainty, one should always be prepared for disaster recovery that is waiting as pitfalls in one’s life. Let us assume for a minute that B2B call center services face a global cyber-attack, in which the confidential data get hacked and leaked. Being a victim of such cyber-attack is no different from starting a company all over again. Therefore, one needs to be well-prepared for any mishappening that could possibly occur. Disaster recovery is not only based upon the business continuity plan, rather it majorly focuses on what should be done to recover back the losses. No satisfaction is greater than serving your customers in those times when the company itself is in a mess. A strong plan to recover the company’s routine brings out a sense of security, confidence and immediate value addition to your services.

With this cut-throat competition, call center services such as prestigious B2B call center, telemarketing, and business process outsourcing companies are providing services at throw-away prices. While at the time of disaster, they violate all the measures and rules required to serve a customer. Therefore, it is very important to know your outsourcing partner well before committing to any such deals or services. Here is how you can convert a disaster into recovery unit.


Categorize your disaster operation as critical, moderate, non-critical and least important ones. Also, define capable members for each team who can put their complete focus and dedication at the time of need. Under the disaster recovery plan, each team should handle their part and try to eliminate all the factors that could lead to a possible disaster.


An exceptional working plan is important for any disaster management. This plan B should be highly effective in sustaining the organization as well as it should not hamper the services being provided to the customers.

Start digitizing your world:

One of the most effective ways to save your data from getting lost is the digitization of data. A good habit should be cultivated from the very first day. Start digitization of information and services as soon as possible. An excellent B2B call center service has an advantage over other organizations as they can make a pact with their partner organizations or clients and save the data part. So, if the information or vital details are corrupted on one system, it can be retrieved from another.

Disaster recovery centers:

Plan for one or more disaster recovery center in a low-cost country and let them handle the rest, while you focus on saving the core competencies around. You can rely on the disaster recovery call centers for complete assistance whenever needed.

Build a firewall:

Protecting your organization and your people is completely your responsibility. A firewall in and around the organization is important. With increasing cyber theft and cyberterrorism, planning for the worst in imperative. Bring your website and web services down from time to time on a regular basis to change the gate of security, i.e., passwords and proxy addresses. Maintain a proxy server site where critical data and services could be run.

Go for mock-drills:

It is always a wise decision to conduct as many mock-drills as possible. By conducting mock-drills, you will easily be able to interrelate your breach points and secure them before they already begin to risk the security of your organization. Mock-drill refers to the act of performing the live actions or carrying out the measures practically. So in case any causality befalls, the agents should not panic and seek the assistance of the recovery team as soon as possible.

Eliminate making decisions at the time of action:

At the time of unpredicted emergency, one cannot sit and wait for the right time to take the most appropriate decisions. This is the time where you need to perform those actions which were planned earlier for such disaster time. Just go as per the plans in order to sustain the least possible damage.


The best a B2B call center or any other organization can do is to be prepared as disasters are uninvited and unmanageable as well. One cannot plan for every little or high magnitude disaster but do keep a backup plan for such cases.

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