How To Prolong Your Car’s New Look

By on January 15, 2018
Prolong Your Car

As a proud car owner, you do everything you can to keep it looking shiny and new. In addition to the obvious steps of cleaning and polishing it regularly, here are a few more things you can do to prolong your car’s new look.

  1. Purchase a Car Cover 

No matter how frequently you clean your car, you’re doing yourself a disservice if you don’t purchase a custom fit car cover. A car cover provides 24-hour protection for your vehicle while it’s in storage, so you don’t need to worry about it being exposed to dust, water or sunlight. Some car covers are meant for indoor use while others are meant for outdoor use, so make sure you choose the right one for your needs.

Purchase a Car Cover

  1. Get a Sun Shade 

A sun shade doesn’t just keep you from burning your hands when you get in your vehicle on a hot day, but it also protects your vehicle’s interior from fading. Excessive heat and sunlight is damaging to your seats, dashboard and steering wheel. Custom auto sun shades provide stylish protection from heat and UV rays so your vehicle will look new longer.

Get a Sun Shade

  1. Invest in a Car Bra 

A car bra offers critical protection to the front end of your vehicle, where the most damage tends to occur. When rocks are kicked up from the road or when large bugs hit your car, your hood and bumper tend to take the brunt of the damage. A quality car bra can absorb the impact and keep your paint from getting scratched or dinged.

Invest in a Car Bra 

  1. Install Seat Covers 

Seat covers are a must-have investment if you value the interior of your car and want to keep it looking nice. They are especially important if drive kids or pets around in your vehicle.

Install Seat Covers

Protect Your Car Today 

California Car Cover offers a variety of exterior and interior accessories designed to protect your car. If you’re interested in prolonging your car’s new look, check out their inventory today.


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