Propose Your Girl With the Perfect Ring!

By on October 19, 2018
Girl With the Perfect Ring

Are you looking for the perfect gold ring for girls to propose your girl? It surely is stressful as well as exciting! One of the purest events of everyone’s relationship is the time of the proposal. It is a milestone everyone wants to make sure they make it special and somehow it will be etched as an integral part of their lives. Getting the best ring is so much important for a lot of reasons. And we are here to help you in finding the best ring to make your best day and a marvelous kick start to your beautiful lives ahead.

Types of diamonds

To understand the anatomy of the diamonds, it is very essential to understand the three C’s – the concept of cut, clarity, and carat. We’ll make it simpler for you since getting in too many technicalities isn’t essential for you.

The Cut!

The symmetry, proportions, the finish, and the polish of the diamonds determine the cut of the diamonds. It helps in the knowledge of the intensity, brilliance, and the fineness of the diamond. If these categories are checked in the box of “well-cut”, you have your perfect diamond. And these are generally the expensive kinds of diamonds. If you are getting heavy discounts on it, reconsider it. It may not be a well-cut diamond.

You might hear terms like “Princess cut diamond”, “heart cut diamond”. It isn’t a fancy term just so that they sell more. It is a kind of cut that is special. There are a few diamonds like Cushion, emerald, radiant, and so on which are special in its own way.

The Clarity!

The clarity of the diamond is gauged with the visibility and the number of flaws that could be seen through the diamond. There are few terms that the shopkeeper may through at you like FL, IF, I1 – I3 etc. and don’t be scared by it. It just means that they are trying to explain the amount of flawlessness the diamond has.

The Carat!

One of the factors about diamonds is that the price of the diamond depends on the size! So your diamond ring price is surely high because the diamond of your ring is exponentially big.

Usually, you would be told that the diamond is 3/4th or 75 point diamond, which is very good. 1 carat makes 200 milligrams. And 200 milligrams are converted to 100 points. That is to say, the more the points towards 100, the better the quality/quantity of the diamond.

Now that you know about the cut, clarity and the carat, go find the best ring for your girl. Be it a gold ring for girls or a diamond ring. Make sure you keep in mind the points mentioned so that you are not cheated. A long way to go and invest wisely on the diamond, as well as on the right girl!


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