Prostate Cancer in Men – What are the early Symptoms?

By on February 14, 2018
Prostate Cancer in Men

Prostate cancer is the third most prevalent killer disease among men in the history of cancer types. A study says one out of every nine males is affected by the disease, killing millions every year. An early diagnosed patient can expect good odds of survival as the treatment have an optimum scope for a cure. But if we talk about advanced stages the chances of survivals significantly drop to 30%.

Prostate cancer is a devious disease and doesn’t show any signs or symptoms at the early stage. Some urologists believe the symptoms are revealed at advanced stages, so it’s tricky to diagnose the abnormality at initial stages. But once it’s diagnosed, a treatment is a must for survival. Some early symptoms of prostate cancer are scribbled below:

Urinary signs

The prostate is a walnut-sized gland located beneath the bladder and the urethra. When you urinate, your bladder delivers its contents through the prostate to a tube function and then into the urethra. The health of your bladder and urine tract largely depends on the prostrate position.

Urinary signs

In case of prostate cancer, the size of the prostate increases abnormally. The enlarged tumor in the prostate squeezes the urinary tract to cause the situation of continence. This situation is marked by the signs of low urine stream, an enhanced urgency of peeing, the sensation of bladder not getting emptied and peeing again right after urination.

Keep in mind, these symptoms can also be witnessed in an enlarged prostate. An enlarged prostate is the situation faced by men as they age in which the bladder swells to disrupt the flow of urine. An enlarged bladder is generally faced by men over 50 years of age.

Blood in semen or urine

Discharging blood with urine or semen is not a normal thing and should not be taken lightly as well. Specialists believe blood in urine is a sign of some internal damage. In this case, it could be prostate cancer. Odds are it could be urine infection or inflammation, again you need to pay a visit to your doctor to understand better.

Blood in semen or urine

Back Pain

Back pain is another sign of advanced prostate cancer. It’s the situation when cancer has completely occupied the prostate and is now reaching out to the surrounding tissue and bones. In this case, spine could be affected. The cancer cells will pressurize the lower back nerves causing numbness or pain in the lower back.


Experts say, although it’s a viable symptom yet back pain is an issue as common as a common cold. It’s a rare chance, a cancer development is diagnosed by back pain.


Stop panicking and think about the facts. You might have one, two, or all three symptoms, but it doesn’t mean you have cancer and have to go for prostate cancer treatment. Think of these signs as a trigger for doctor’s services. Do not ignore them and see your doctor first, what’s the harm either you will have the disease and can go for an early treatment or you will be relieved from these minor discomforts.


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