Protecting Your Business From Fraud And Identity Theft

By on February 28, 2017
Protecting Business Fraud Identity Theft

Taking necessary precautions to safeguard your small business against identity theft is paramount. The rise in technology encourages online shopping exposing your business and customers to fraud. Find computer technician to safeguard your business against this.

While you have worked hard to create brand visibility, someone else could be riding on your glory. These can ruin your business, causing disastrous reputational risk.

This could last for a long time crippling your business. Though you may not be operating an online business, protecting your business information is inevitable. You do not want the dark side of your business going public against your consent or classified information that could ruin your profit margins landing in the wrong hands.

The following precautions could safeguard your business against swindling:

  • Shred private documents that are no longer needed.
  • Keep vigilant on your accounts by monitoring all your accounts closely to detect any unusual activity.
  • Training your staff on safe ways of data recovery and help desk support whenever there is a hitch.
  • Secure emails: Always ensure you use a secure server when sending emails relating to your business.
  • Limit what you carry. Avoid carrying confidential material with you unless very necessary.
  • Paper trail. Avoid leaving information that could compromise your security such as receipts, credit cards, identification cards or even bank statements.
  • Review bank statements: Always take time to scrutinize your bank statements to check for any unauthorized transactions
  • Strong passwords: Ensure you keep strong passwords for all your logins. Ensure your login devices are designed to log out after a short period of time. This will keep hackers at bay
  • Password change: Change your passwords frequently either for your devices or credit cards
  • Data encryption: This will keep sensitive information secure anytime it lands in the wrong hands. The text information is automatically converted to data that is only understood by yourself.
  • Telephone scams: Never give out information to anyone claiming to represent a third party such as bank, a telecom or an organization
  • Anti-virus: Ensure your devices are installed with an up-to-date anti-virus software.
  • Information sharing: Do not share your private information with anyone. Train your staff too to be careful about sharing company information.
  • Promotional lists: Avoid junking your mails with pre-approved cards.
  • Spot scams and spammers: Avoid clicking on links that are unfamiliar to you sent through your email. Instead, consider visiting the company’s website from search engines.
  • Lock your credit cards: Thieves use stolen cards to access your bank information. Thwart their efforts by freezing them in case of loss.

Follow these simple guidelines to protect your small business from such incidences of fraud and theft. Should it occur, seek technical support for data recovery.


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