Qualities Required To Succeed in a Call Centre Job

By on November 13, 2017

There is no denial to the fact that the requirement of call centre services is increasing with each passing day. As a consequence of the same, there is an endless requisite of manpower. This in turn has opened a new vertical in the career prospect of every individual. The best part is that one doesn’t need to have a specific degree or diploma of any sort for becoming a call centre agent. However, for getting success in a call centre job, presence of certain intrapersonal and interpersonal traits is necessary.

Hence, in this article we have mentioned the qualities that are vital in making any person working in the company of a call centre services provider, successful. Many call centre agents might already be having these qualities but if one wants to take this job as their career path and doesn’t have the below mentioned qualities then they should work on improving and developing the quality or qualities, they lack in.

  • Friendliness-

A call centre is known by how its agents are. Whenever they are receiving or making inbound or outbound calls, the agents should treat the person on the other side of the line very warmly and friendly. If agents are not able to handle every call with the same amount of courtesy and friendliness due to the fatigue that rose due to continuous human interaction then they might not be the right fit for the job.

  • Empathetic-

Being empathetic and showing the customers concern about their grief or problem too is an important trait that every call centre agent must have. The basic motive of handling any customer complaint call is to increase brand loyalty and customer satisfaction.

If an agent sees every call as a burden and is not fond of human interaction, they are more likely to leave a customer dissatisfied which in turn affects the brand image drastically.

However, if an agent is helpful by nature, he will surely do well as a call center agent because his trait of helping others will reflect in his communication with the customers during call.

  • Persuasive Communication Skills-

If an agent is a master of the the art of persuasion, the lack of other few qualities can be overlooked easily. Whether the call is inbound or outbound, the agent needs to either calm down the furious customer or persuade the person on the line to become a customer, respectively.

However, persuasive communications kills should not be considered limited to well-spoken English. It also includes, understanding the information and proposing a solution for the problem quickly.

Moreover, an agent should never use high vocabulary words, instead he should always use basic words that are easy to understand and listen over call.

  • Good Memory-

In order to be able to provide customer with highest satisfaction, it becomes imperative for a customer to have a very good memory, ability to understand things quickly and knowledge about the company.

The routine task of the agents become more stress-free, if they can retain what the customer said, what their company is about, whom they need to follow up and so on.

Moreover, no customer likes to stay on hold, so an agent should also know when to transfer the call, regarding what to whom. This will save the time of the customer and the agent both.

Furthermore, with each passing day, by receiving and dialing many calls to different kind of customers they will even get an idea of FAQs. However, if the agent won’t have a good retention power, he will not get a hold on these FAQs.

  • Exceptional Thinking Skills –

A person working in the company of call centre services provider should have exceptional thinking skills.

If an agent can think of a smart answer while handling a call to a new query of the customer and can come up with solutions to their problems quickly, he can reach to great heights in no time.

However, if an agent doesn’t possess these qualities, developing them would be difficult but not impossible.

In brief, for becoming a successful call center agent one can adopt the points mentioned and can implement them in unique and challenging situations.

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