The Racing Distance Influences The Choice of Horse Breed

By on December 23, 2017
Choice of Horse Breed

Racing horses can be of many different breeds, but Thoroughbreds are most in demand for flat racing. Because not all kinds of horses are suitable for all types of horseracing events “Horses for courses” is the byword in selecting the best horses that can win races. The distance of the race is a determining factor in deciding which breed of horse would be capable of performing best. Different horse breeds are capable of running at top speed over various distances, and one has to consider this aspect during the selection of horses.  In this article, you will find information about which horse breeds suit different forms of horseracing.

Thoroughbreds for traditional races

The most popular form of horseracing is what you see on Known as flat racing, horses participating in this competition have to run over a distance of one and a half miles and one and a quarter mile on any variety of racing track – dirt, synthetic or turf. The race involves plain running without any obstacles on its way and Thoroughbreds seem specifically developed to run this race. It will not be wrong to say that Thoroughbreds are responsible in an excellent way for popularizing the sport. So strictly is this breed of horse connected to horseracing that it will not be an exaggeration to use the words Thoroughbred and horseracing interchangeably. Except for the Antarctica, Thoroughbred horseracing has touched every part of the world and mainly well known for the Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs.

Quarter horses for short distance racing

Quarter horses represent the typical American racehorse blessed with many other capabilities that make it an excellent choice for ranch horses too. However, it is famous for racing over short distances restricted to a quarter mile, which inspires its name. These horses have highly muscular hind legs and capable of sprinting at high speed over a short distance that can range between 220 yards and 870 yards depending on the type of race. However, the most popular form of racing these horses consists of covering a track, not more than 440 yards. Racing Quarter horses are able to attain the fastest speed among all horses during the brief moment of the run. This kind of horseracing is especially popular in the US and Canada.

Arabian Horses for long distance racing

Any horseracing event that uses tracks that measure 2 miles or longer has to consider Arabian horses because these are the most fitting candidates to win the race. The one-time warhorse of Arabian origin that has existed for more than 4000 years are gifted with the ability to cover vast distances over rough terrains at high speed with ease.  They have very high stamina and can endure harsh weather conditions that make this breed the perfect choice for endurance races ranging between 25 and 100 miles. The racing conditions are also quite treacherous as it takes place in desert regions or mountains even up to a height of 19,000 feet to 22,000 feet as it happens with the Tevis Cup event.

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