Railway Journey Like Never Before

By on August 18, 2017
Railway Journey

India has one of the biggest railway networks in the world, the railways tracks of the country connect not just big cities but also goes through small towns and villages. Everyday thousands of people travel by trains in India from one place to another and in order to provide convenience to these passengers the Rail Ministry has provision of providing food to the passengers. The passengers travelling in the train can avail this facility in almost every train. The price of the food is included in the ticket price in some of the trains while in other trains one can order food by choice and pay the price accordingly. The Menu Rail gives you the details of all the delicacies that can be served to you during your journey.

Guarantee of Hassle Free Journey  

Since India is a big country and very well connected by rails therefore people travel to long distances by trains but it is not possible for them to carry homemade food with themselves every time. So in order to meet the expectations of the people and make their journey more comfortable the railways supply for good quality food to the passengers. The Meal Menu Rail gives the complete detail of all the dishes available for supply in the train. These dishes are prepared by the best of Chefs so you will not have to bother about the quality and the taste of the food.

Great Quality Made Available At Affordable Rates 

The food supplied in the trains is of high quality, the Railway Catering services ensure that no compromise is done in the quality at any time. This food is available at very affordable rates so that every person can afford it without a pinch on their pockets. The Meal Menu Rail assures good services to the travelers so that they can reach their destination conveniently. The use of good quality raw material is made in preparing this food and is therefore safe for the consumption by the children. This is one of its kinds of services being offered by the Indian railways for its passengers.

Wide Range of Food Available

The travelers can also order from the variety of food available in the Meal Menu Rail. The menu gives the detail of variety of foods available and the traveler can order for the food of their choice. You can get everything from the regional Indian cuisines to Chinese, Mughlai, Italian, Continental etc. The wide variety of food gives more options to the travelers and certainly makes the travel more fun. The pizzas, noodles, pasta all can now be yours even when you are travelling on the train. So enjoy the taste of the restaurant anywhere and everywhere and get hot food of your choice right at your seat.

Order Food Online

If you wish to eat something good while you are still on the wheels then you can simply place your order by going online. You can access the website of the Indian Railways and place your order over there. The site is easy to operate where you can simply enter your details like name, berth number, PNR, train number, the food of your choice and then press enter. The details given by you are accessed by the nearest station and your order is made available to you right on your seat. So enjoy the feast and make travel more fun and interesting with the Meal Menu Rail. So now, travel freely without the pain of adding extra luggage or without the tension of spilling or spoiling the food that passengers used to carry.

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