Ramdev’s Patanjali Makes Big Online Push, Partners with Flip kart, Amazon, Paytm

By on March 6, 2018
Ramdev's Patanjali Makes Big Online Push

Patanjali is a known name in every household in India. Yoga-guru Baba Ramdev started Patanjali to promote make in India products. The company is founded in 2006. Patanjali ayurved limited is an Indian FMCG Company. Manufacturing unit of Patanjali is in Haridwar and registered office in Delhi. Their main Area of expertise is in Mineral and Herbal products. Revenue of Patanjali in 2016-17 is 105.6 billion INR and total employees exceed 200,000. Patanjali eyes for a two-fold growth this fiscal year.

In today’s digital era everyone is eager to launch their brands online. After success of retail stores in India Patanjali launched its ecommerce operation to reach out more potential customers. Patanjali has now agreement with all the big e-retailers to sell their products through their platforms. Flipkart, Paytm mall Bigbasket and Amazon are few e-retailers. Patanjali Ayurved has a dream to make its products available to every household using e-commerce as a platform. Their e-commerce platform www.patanjaliayurved.net is a big success at trial stage itself and their online sales crosses Rs, 10 crore mark in December. Because of huge online market in India Patanjali eyes on making their growth two-fold this fiscal year. It is easy to provide convenient and efficient options to its customers through online mechanism.

Ramdev's Patanjali Makes Big Online Push

Managing director and CEO of Patanjali Ayurved Acharya Balkrishna Aims to reach every house in India through new e-commerce platform. Partnership with e-retailers help them reaching more customers. New online system helps Patanjali reach those who do not have access to their retail stores and are loyal customer of Patanjali who are looking for alternate mechanism to shop, now have option to buy their favorite products online and delivered to them at home without any hassle.

Patanjali has an annual production capacity of 50.000 crore and is the highest in FMCG sector so far.

Patanjali said it has an annual production capacity of Rs. 50,000 crore. According to the company, it is the highest in the FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods) sector so far.


Ramdev's Patanjali Makes Big Online Push

Even all the big e-retailers are happy to have partnership with Patanjali. Amazon India VP Manish Tiwari said, we are thrilled to partner with Patanjali and enable easy access to their products to customers across the country. He said we are dedicated to work together with Indian-grown brands with the aim to provide unique products to its customers combined with a delightful online shopping experience.

Flipkart CEO Kalyan Krishnamurthy said: “Both Patanjali and we have a common vision of making top quality products available to customers at the best value, so this partnership benefits consumers in a big way.”

Apart from mineral and herbal products Patanjali also expand its business into kids and adult diapers and affordable sanitary napkins segment. They have also announced that they will venture into affordable solar equipment manufacturing soon.  Patanjali Ayurved has presence in other sector such as education and healthcare. They aim to provide best education and healthcare to Indian citizens at a very affordable price or free.

With the help of their retail stores online store and partnership with all the big e-retailers Patanjali Ayurved is targeting sales of over Rs. 1,000 crore this year.


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