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By on April 18, 2018
Reasoning Questions

“Reasoning Aptitude” plays a key role in every competition and recruitment exam. The aspirants’mental strength is judged with the help of their attitude towards attending reasoning questions. The reasoning section is divided into Verbal and Non-verbal sections in the exams. The reasoning questions from both the sections enable the examination committee to adjudicate for the knowledge of the candidates.

Based on the statistics, it has been reported that around 70% of world’s recruiting bodies include reasoning as a prime section in the question paper. Reasoning aptitude has been a part of banking, management, technical exams. It is mandatory to attend reasoning questions in the exams.

Why is Reasoning included as a part of the exam?

Reasoning always helps to measure the verbal, mental and numerical ability of the attendant to evaluate the inborn skills, capacity for acquiring, learning new skills. It is an inevitable segment of all recruitment and competitive exams. Based on these reasons, reasoning questions are included to improve the mental skill set of exam attendants.

How to prepare for reasoning segment?

The reasoning questions are entirely logical based. It promotes the aspirant’s thinking ability, decision making and analytical ability. These questions are normally confusing, and the candidates cannot answer the questions without applying good analytical skills. That’s why it is advisable that the reasoning part should not be attended first.

Non-verbal reasoning questions may be taken from series of graphical representations whereas, in verbal reasoning blood relations, coding & decoding, numerical series, the directional analysis will be tested.

Coding & decoding topic is a scoring part so that the candidate should understand the basics and fundamentals. Once the person comes familiar with basics, then he will be able to complete the answers.

The tricky topic is “Syllogisms” where the question encloses 2 to 3 statements, 2 to 3 conclusions. When you try to solve out difficult concepts, then you can solve the questions easily within less time.

“Data sufficiency” topic contains questions incorporated into all the chapters. The questions are based on topics such as time & work, coding & decoding, time& distance, blood relations, etc. The questions will provide only information whereas you have to decide the conclusions.

If you feel the questions are quite confusing, then don’t waste your time on the same question. Try to attempt questions from other sections, and later you can solve out the left out reasoning questions.

Don’t go for guessing answers in the reasoning question sections as you may find all the options are correct.

Two topics are covered in inequalities; they are mathematics inequalities & coded inequalities. With the help of only practice, the sectional topics can be answered.

Complex puzzles, seating arrangement, input-output machine topics consume more time and contain complex questions. About 10-15 numbers of question are covered in this section and it is advisable to attend the set of reasoning questions depends on the time left.

Reasoning ability is an essential part to prepare for any kind of exams. Applying mental ability, logical thinking only helps to pass out in the section. So, learn some tips and shortcuts to break through the section.


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