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By on August 18, 2015

Whenever you search anything on any search engine, it maybe Google, yahoo, Bing or Ask for example, the web has ranked the results which maybe local blogs or videos related to the search in relevance to it users. In short the search engine gets traffic from the results ‘it’ thinks is most relevant to the user. It bass the results on Reputation of the companies, the keywords you have written and offers many other links where you might get relevant and important stuff.

Search engines cannot see and understand a web page the same way me and you do. so then how is possible to make content necessarily available to us? Search engine Optimization help the engines to interpret the content of the web page and explains its usefulness to the users. Search engines are programs written in computer language and logarithms, and yet it is possible for it to accessorize all the content on the net and provide all the necessary content to its users.

Well, you may now think that this search engines are all-powerful, they work on some artificial intelligence and relying on its super speed searches high and low in the web, follows and indexes various links in the global database. This search engines might also fail since it’s not that intelligent and devoid of errors, it may provide duplicate pages, poor links that have been poorly constructed, or content that is not exactly what we need.

Content on the web not only has to be written or presented correctly but also have to be marketed and share among many other internet users, the more times this website is opened and viewed or liked the more visible it gets on the search engine. Search engines track what people discover, comment or link to. It measures the social activity of the website, the importance or the impact of the content to people.

A study was conducted and it was said that a huge percent of the web users dont go beyond the first page of the search results. so then how is a website termed noticeable, since it is every business want that that their firm shows on top of the search results page in comparison to his/her competitors. A company should develop goals and priorities that you should review every now and then and analysed against a “Web traffic analysis tool” to each page of your website. For example,Google Analytics is meant to show the keywords that internet users used to find your site. These tools show and compare how many times a particular keyword is used and how competitive it is.

It is also necessary for you to use keywords evenly scattered within the website, like you might choose to optimise a keyword for each word as well as it synonyms.

Besides using keywords, you may place a linkbait in other most visited sites like your facebook page, twitter, blogs and linkedIn. This acts as an attraction to visit your website handle address. You may not have access to these links but it is worth trying. Like the link may be placed strategically in an article as a means to link someone to a site where one can find more explanations.

Another approach is ensuring that your site is friendly to the search engine. It is said that non text content can stop a search engine bot from being indexed and made available for other searchers to find that during their searches.Creating content is all about being noticeable and perhaps relevant SEO is therefore the best means to get your content noticed.


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