Rio De Janiero and Machu Picchu

By on September 30, 2013

Rio de Janiero of Brazil and Machu Picchu of Peru could easily top the list of any newbie or veteran tourist. Rio features the best beaches, hotel resorts and sports events. Machu Picchu is a historical and architectural destination for everybody.

Rio de Janiero

Arguably, there is no place more attractive than Rio de Janiero, Brazil. It is probably the most festive and amusing place in the whole world. This city and country of the coolest and most talented soccer players, dancers and entertainers have very amazing and amusing carnivals, mountains and beaches.


All year round, accommodations are available in Rio. There are some months when you need to really book in a lot longer in advance because of peak seasons. But whatever time of the year, you can be almost sure you can get a place because Brazil has very many plush hotels that can accommodate their yearly visitor influx. There are also many cab rentals that serve as tourists sure transportation.

Grand Events

When you plan to go to Rio, it is best that you coincide your tour during the times of its massive events like the Carnaval during one whole week in February and the festa in Lapa, among others. Going to the Ipanema Beach, however, will not fail you because there are parties there every Saturday. Another alternative is the Copacabana beach. A third very famous beach in Brazil is the Barra De Tijuca. Further, your choices is like limitless because there are 72 beaches in Rio de Janiero alone.


Of course, you should see the Statue of the Christ the Redeemer when you go to Brazil. A visit and view of this gigantic monuments is not only a vacation treat but also a spiritual gesture as you can reflect how large faith plays a role in religious believers. To go back to the more leisurely part of the tour, the Maracana stadium is the next destination. You can go there any time of the year and be sure that you will be entertained or witness spectacular events because this place does not run out of activities. Body art and tattoos are the common denominator given all the beaches, carnivals, mountain activities and sports like soccer and mixed martial arts. Just be careful regarding hygiene and quality when it comes to these.

Machu Picchu

Talk about travel, Machu Picchu is like being transported to the time of the past. It is like a “lost city” where the ancient civilization of the South American people Incas settled. Going to this place can be paralleled to that of going to a religious “Mecca” because one has to be very careful. It is a preservation of the past which must be further passed on to future generations.

High and Above

Not only is Machu Picchu Inca civilization an experience of the past time. Visiting it is an event of very high geological proportions and environmental magnitude. This ancient city is located 2,350 meters above sealevel and the place is a sanctuary of biodiversity of plants and animals. Further, it is not only these features on top that is showcased by Machu Picchu. You also have the view below highlighted by the Urubamba Valley which is one of the reasons that make Peru famous.


Tourists enjoy the trekking routes of the place as each step showcases an experience that is intellectually and spiritually stimulating. You can be sure that you will have a visit that is guaranteed to be satisfying because this tourist destination is protected by the national government of Peru as it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Machu Picchu and Rio de Janiero have become topics for custom essays because they are vacation, historical, environmental and spiritual destinations.

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