Salesforce as a Reliable and Effective CRM for Small Businesses

By on December 6, 2017

Many of the 2017 surveys have again chosen Salesforce as one of the most recommended customer relationship management software for small businesses. Even though there are many options available, its unique methodology and most advanced technology features make Salesforce stand out in the crowd.

Why is Salesforce important?

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At the first point, Salesforce is a cloud-based CRM, which can take up all the needs of small business as an all-in-one business assist. Salesforce fits all types of companies, and with its customized subsidiaries as Salesforce Small Business Solutions, even low-level organizations can take the fullest advantage of what only big corporate can otherwise enjoy, at a customized level based on the unique requirement of small-scale businesses.

When it comes to customer relations, Salesforce has all tools to explore and hold back customers, follow them efficiently through the sales funnel, and help close sales and grow the business. The high-end features of Salesforce include but not limited to lead generation, contact management, sales forecasting, opportunity management, collaboration tools for workflow automation and a lot more to explore in a well organized and user-friendly platform.


As it is cloud-based, Salesforce offers the users of various levels anytime access from anywhere, by being functional on all type of devices including mobile gadgets. It also ensures optimum scalability and easy integration with other existing systems too.

Sales for CRM features for small businesses

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Salesforce focuses primarily on streamlining sales process of business with an overall objective of quick and easy closing. In tune with it, this platform is equipped with all handy features businesses to need to use regarding an insight-driven sales approach. Everything is run in a systematic and automated manner, which makes Salesforce dx a one-stop-shop in managing contacts, finding leads, converting prospective leads into business, run effective marketing campaigns and a lot more on the go.

  1. Contact management

It is not yet another address book. Along with storing contact numbers, emails, address, and other vital contact info, Salesforce also can provide a unique 360-degree view of customers. A user can get a clear-cut customer person by seeing activity histories, previous deals, an overview of past communications, at which point they are in the sales funnel, discussions, internal notes, etc.

  1. Lead generation

The twofold benefits of Salesforce lead generation are:

  • Make the users smarter in taking marketing decisions.
  • Turn the prospects into sales with the insight-driven approach.

Salesforce gives you a bigger picture about the original of lead, the efforts on it till date, the reason why these do or don’t work, latest activities, and it can automatically assign the lead to the right sales person based on an original mapping.

  1. Sales forecasting

Real-time sales forecasting is made easy with Salesforce CRM, which consists of sales target attainments in various areas too, revenue generated, customer contacts, lead generation, and the actual customer conversions. The principal persons can review the forecasting and adjust the variable factors in real-time to help expedite the process or devise strategies accordingly.

Moreover, from a small business CRM point of view, collaboration, workflow automation, easy access, mobile friendliness, core functionality expansions, and scalability are other advantages Salesforce offer, and all these come together to make it the No.1 CRM.

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