Simple Yet Effective Tekmetric Auto Shop Software

By on June 9, 2018
Tekmetric Auto Shop Software

The main aim of a software program is to enable you to run your business effectively and to take the pressure off so that you work smarter and not harder. Auto shop software should be both functional and user friendly and enable you to run your store with efficiency and ease.

Your systems

The auto shop software works with Windows 10, Vista and Windows XP, making it compatible with any existing computer systems. The software is automatically updated meaning that you don’t have to go through the tedious process of updating your software every few months.

Work orders

Say goodbye to frustrating manual work orders that can consume most of your day. One of the many fantastic features with the auto shop software is that you can easily create work orders. Once you have added a new order to the system, you will either have to add the customer details and create a new profile, or if it is an existing customer, select their information from the drop-down menu. This will transfer their information into the work order, you can then add labor charges and any other costs that the work order will involve. Once all information is in the system you can then assign the job to a technician. This entire process should not take you longer than 10 minutes.


The invoice process sis probably one of the most tedious and frustrating administrative duties in an auto repair store, especially when you are doing it manually. Making mistakes can cost you the reputation of your business, even if it is a small error. Storing invoices is another issue, paper work can get lost easily, and in the unfortunate event of a flood or a fire, you will never be able to retrieve these documents again.

With auto shop software, the invoice process is made simple and easy. The system automatically generates invoices at the end of the month, they are then sent to your clients by email. The invoice makes payment easier because there is a digital payment widget, so your customers can simply click and pay. If payments have not been made by the due date, a reminder is sent via text message and email. This eliminates the problem of paper chasing which is so common in auto repair stores.

Free trial

The good news is that with Tekmetric auto shop software, you get to try before you buy. Making claims that the efficiency of your business is going to improve simply isn’t enough. For the remainder of 2018, you will have access to the software completely free of charge, there are no hidden charges, and no contract to sign. The only requirement is that you try it out to see whether the system is a good match for your company. At the end of the free trial, if you decide that it is not what you need, send it back without having to pay a cancellation fee. A free trial is one of the most effective methods to determine whether software or equipment will benefit your company.


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