How Small Businesses Can Rank High on Search Results

By on November 20, 2017

Search engine optimization is not an easy task for small businesses. SEO is a costly endeavor and industry leaders have already occupied the page one results on the SERP. Besides, paid ads consume a significant portion of the first-page result and make things even difficult for you. There is no need to lose hope though! Every small business web marketer faces these challenges and there are ways to overcome those. Here are some of the things you can do to achieve search engine optimization success.


Local SEO:

Unless you have web only presence, local SEO is very important to help people find your business quickly. Google utilizes the inbuilt GPS feature of smartphones and based on the user’s location recommends the local brick and mortar stores. Local SEO is not just about registering your business on Google Maps though. You have to enlist your business in local review and directory websites.


Use AdWords:

AdWords is a paid service and thus helps you bring customers to your website faster. Organic traffic results show authentic content, but PPC ads show exactly what a buyer needs. For example, if you search for “Cheap hotels in Los Angeles”, the first half of the SERP displays either PPC or local search results. The organic content (articles/blogs) gets a much lower space on the SERP. So, those who will click on your ad, you can be sure that they want to spend money.

Use different ways for link building:

Backlinks are still very much valuable and the more authentic websites point to your direction, the better t is in terms of SEO. Remember quality matters more than quantity. In order to build links, you can apply four techniques- guest blogging, syndication, broken link building, and skyscraper technique. Guest blogging is possibly the most hassle free way of generating backlinks for your website. You can target reliable publishers who syndicate content and popularize your content. The skyscraper technique is all about finding popular content, writing a better version, and contacting the website admins who are linking to the original post so that they link to your improved version. The last but not the least is broken link building. You need to find broken links of popular content and offer those websites a replacement content of better quality. If you need help in SEO, you can get in touch with Sand Crest


Website performance wins the game:

Google loves websites that load faster, provide informative content, and fits any small or large screen mobile devices. Make sure that your website is clutter free, the navigation leads viewers from one page to another effortlessly, and it must be responsive.

Target high intent customers:

Not everyone on the web is looking for general articles about different topics. Some people need help in their buying decision. For instance, if someone searches “what is the difference between LED and LCD?”, then he is looking for pure and simple data. But when someone searches for “top 10 LED televisions of 2017”, you can be sure that wants to buy a TV and needs your help you make the right choice. Your content strategy should target these people as they are more willing to spend money.


You can either employ an in-house SEO team or hire an SEO agency to optimize your website. It is a time-consuming affair and you need to spend hundreds of dollars, but always remember that it’s the ROI that counts. If you can sell products worth $2000 every month by spending $1000 on SEO, you must invest in SEO.

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