Sports Therapy Clinic: Offering Effective Healing

The possibility of injury is always present when you are actively involved in any competitive sport or extreme adventurous or recreational activity. A minor injury can turn into a serious damage if the emergency first-aid is not done appropriately. The recommendation of the doctor should be followed by the athlete.

A good doctor can evaluate and treat any injury as per the individual need of the athlete. They work with the target to heal and prepare the athlete to resume playing again.

Rice is the most common first-aid recommendation for any injury. It is prescribed because it speeds up the recovery process and is essential for healing. However, it is not a substitute for medical treatment but is very effective in treating minor sprains and strains. The serious injuries require a higher level of treatment.

Rice stands for Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation and is a very common way to treat the injury in the world of sports. Many athletes have been treated safely using the principles of RICE.


Rest is essential in order to heal quickly and completely. The body utilizes the saved energy to repair the damaged tissues and eliminates the chances of further damage to the injured tissue or increased swelling.


After rest, ice is the second component that promotes healing. Applying ice to the injury is an effective way to reduce swelling that has occurred, it decreases circulation and inflammation. By numbing the skin it reduces the pain.

Ice treatment should not be given for more than 20 minutes and there should be a gap of 3 hours within each application. Ice packs should be used for at least 3-4 days.

C- Compress

The compression wrap helps to prevent excessive swelling on the injured area. The market is full of different types of bandages that are perfect for the application of compression. The bandage should not be wrapped so tightly that it reduces the blood circulation. Compression dispels water retention at the injured spot.


The fourth component of RICE involves keeping the injured part of the body above the level of your heat as much as possible. This also results in reduced swelling. The blood circulation improves when you rest the injured area on the pillow.

Following the treatment procedure of Rice will minimise the pain and the damage caused by the injury. You need to take proper diet and rest along with it. If you notice any delay in the process of recovering consult a professional. They specialise in sports injury and will advise you a suitable recovery programme depending on the type of injury.

Sports Therapy Clinic emphasises on holistic care and treatment. It has vast experience in treating and managing any injury of the patient. The therapist, treat the injury and ensure that it returns to a fully functional state. The treatments are client centred and non-surgical that reduces pain, prevents any injury in future. The detailed rehabilitation process helps in faster recovery. The professionals ensure safe, effective, therapeutic approach.

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