How Studying during the Summer Could Win You a Scholarship

By on November 15, 2017
Studying during the Summer Could Win You a Scholarship

One of the biggest problems which today’s students face is the high cost of getting an education. Whether you are looking at two, four or six-plus years of college, the cost is often prohibitive. Even with Pell Grants, student loans, and other forms of assistance, the cost is sometimes just too high for the average incoming student. So, what can you do?

Many Top Ranked Universities Looking for Summer Research Assistants

Perhaps studying during the summer is the answer you’ve been looking for. Many students aren’t aware of the great number of scholarships available to students willing to embark on a work/study summer course. Some universities such as UC Davis offer great financial aid to those students who excel in their respective fields. Of course, you can find a long list on, but as an example, UC Davis at Berkeley offers scholarships based on the remaining amount of Pell Grant for the current year. Any funding they offer is above that amount, but to a predetermined ceiling. This scholarship for summer scholars is open to students in all areas of study.

Scholarships for ESL Students

Quite often students who speak English as a Second Language, ESL, excel in their chosen field. Obviously, English Communications isn’t one of those areas of focus. However, as amazingly gifted students within their field, they deserve a chance to earn a degree from a leading US university. One California University, Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey offers a unique scholarship to ESL students. Called the Summer Language Scholarship, this financial assistance is offered to those students who are working towards a Master’s degree and are yet not proficient in the level of English required of students on that level. Studying in the summer could tip the financial scales in their favor quite quickly.

Summer Scholarships to Prepare Students for Global Commerce

If there is one thing which will go down in history as the key achievement of the latter 20th through early 21st Centuries, it would be the way in which commerce has truly gone global. With the advent of satellites and the Internet, the world has become one giant marketplace. Few, if any, businesses are unaffected by global commerce, and so the summer scholarship offered by The Taiwan-United States Sister Relations Alliance, TUSA, is one way of helping to merge East and West.

Any student in the US who is studying Mandarin Chinese is eligible to compete for this scholarship, which covers the cost of tuition, dormitory costs, and even the price of hosting your family on thefamily weekend. As an aside here, China is one of America’s biggest trade partners, so learning the national language will definitely prepare you for a top-level job in your field of trade.

Not only does studying in the summer help to keep your brain focused and active, but you may even be able to finish quicker than if you had left all your courses for regular academic sessions. Summer study also enables you to apply for scholarships only open to summer sessions, which can take a huge chip out of the cost of tuition, books and sometimes even housing. Just make sure to read the application guidelines to ensure timely application to any scholarship you are interested in. These special summer scholarships might just be the difference between getting that degree or not, so check them all out.


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