Why does successful Manga Series not translate to successful Hollywood movies

By on October 28, 2017
Manga Series

Manga is a form of Comic book in Japanese culture which was historically used to tell a story.  Many a times Manga was a form of recording and conveying events that occurred. This culture of storytelling has given rise to many popular Manga series based not just on historical events but more as a form of fantasy storytelling. Series like One Piece, Fairy tail, Naruto, InuYasha etc are an example of this style. With the rise of futuristic concepts, more series like Ghost in the shell, Mobile suit Gundam, Battle Angel Alita, Chobits, Doraemon etc have gained popularity. Despite of all these changes to the Manga Style of storytelling, one thing that has remained constant throughout is the underlying cultural roots of Japan. Cultural references like deities, afterlife, society hierarchy etc have continued to have strong influence in the story.

Now coming to the current topic of discussion, every time a Manga series is adapted into a Hollywood movie, these cultural references are lost in translation. When they try to convey these Japanese concepts in Hollywood movies they get misinterpreted. For example Ryuk, the Shinigami from Death Note would simply translate as a reaper in western culture. This would completely strip the character of its mysterious aura. Same is the case with geishas, youkais, Tono-samas etc.  These days, people love to spend their empty time watching movies on cinemas and bring their friends and family. Despite the hike of prices of movie tickets remarkably, more and more people are watching movies by saving on online booking. They have chosen this way for getting attractive and cheap movie deals. Bookmyshow Offers amazing Deals on Movie Tickets. You Can Book Your Movie Tickets atleast at 10% Off by using Bookmyshow Coupons.

Another fallacy in adaptations is the creative liberties taken while portraying the true nature of a character. An example to this point would be the character of Light Yagami from Death. Originally the Japanese authors portrayed Light as a determined and confident person, who has tight control on his emotions. However, the Hollywood adaptation portrays Light as a coward and an emotional wreck who is prone to breakdowns. It was the same case with Major Kasunagi from Ghost in the shell, who was depicted as a rash and immature person in the movie, though the Manga characterized her as the complete opposite.

Some would also argue that the casting in these Movies is a way of white washing and a Hollywood actor would not do justice to a Manga character. There have been many protests on this issue in recent times as well. The best part of looking for movie tickets over the web is that you can make selection of various movies along with both indie films and big banner films. You can pay with your credit card to buy cheap movie tickets. You can also pay with your internet banking account. Another best thing is that you don’t have to stay in queue and wait for your chance to buy tickets on the window. All you have to show the number or any identification proof, you will get printed movie tickets. You can look for the websites on the web where you can buy cinema tickets online directly. This is how Ticketnew came into existance. Ticketnew offers you best in class experience where you can pick your tickets on first cum first serve basis. Ticketnew offers you best deals on latest movie tickets. You can checkout ticketnew website and grab upto Rs 100 Off On Latest Movie tickets with Ticketnew Coupons.

Such issues may seem as minor deviations in the plot, or as changes made to fit the western audiences by many. However, to a Manga fan these end up stealing the very soul of the original show making it just another mundane story. I leave it to you to decide how much they matter in making the Manga Adaptation just as successful as the original series.

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