Taking Computer Science in 11th class? Here are top career options for you

By on September 19, 2018
top career options

As competition has been increased these days, students are under peer pressure to choose better career option for them. In such a decade of competition, there are very few government jobs, so one has left with an option to do work under IT sector or multinational companies. So the questions that arises after completing senior secondary education is that which stream a student should choose to become a successful person in his/her life.

For choosing computer science various question comes in mind such as :-

  • Do you want to become an engineer?
  • Or you love programming?
  • Do you like corporate sector  and want to work in higher companies such as Google ,  Microsoft  ,  Amazon ,  Wipro , Tata Consultancy service  ?
  • Do you have management skills rather than the aptitude skills?
  • You have keen interest in doing calculations?
  • Do you want a rich lifestyle and settle in a young age?

     Hence various things that comes in mind while you decide to choose computer science as your career option. Moreover, there are multiple top courses after 12th in India in this field such as:

  • You can pursue your career as bachelor of technology
  • As a bachelor of computer science
  • Also you can qualify for competitive exams held world wide

 Many people think that if they choose computer science, they do not left with great choices except just to do job in corporate or private sector.  But this is not true at all. Although it is truly depend on individual that what he/she wants to do in order to become shining stars and achieve great success.

There are various things a person can do after choosing computer science as a career option such as

  • Corporate sector is the paramount sector, if you want to attain higher growth in your career within less time. You will get an opportunity to learn about new technologies, rich lifestyle and even more you the unsurpassed thing about this is that you will learn to handle work pressure.
  • Apart from corporate sector, one can choose government sector as well. By clearing the GATE exam after B-tech, one can get job in PSU (Public Sector Unit). Only hundreds of students are able to qualify this exam as they have very limited seats. Though it is the most respectable position one can dream of it
  • Entrepreneurships are also the best way to build up career. Some people having excellent programming and mathematical skills that they decide to open their own coaching centers. Whereas some students get an opportunity to work in government school and colleges and some are so fortunate that they get to work in research centers.

      So as there are many ways to build up career after choosing computer science. Still the entire thing depends upon one’s interest.  Hence if one computer science is your first choice and programming is your fantasy no one can stop you to build your image and unblemished future.   The most important aspect of computer science is that it provides problem solving techniques which are essential skill for life.  Student gets to learn about the design, development and analysis of software and hardware that are used to solve problems in a variety of businesses, scientific as well as social contexts. It is the dream of every organization to hire computer science graduates irrespective of salary demand because management value the skills, teamwork, can-do technical skills, and a capacity for attending to both the critical details and the big picture.



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