Ten ways to surprise your wife

Many couples boast their love story as one of the most talked-about affairs in college times. But if you closely observe their marriage life, you might not get any such hint. It is because marriage comes with so many responsibilities that it typically sucks all the charm out of life. One spouse gets busy raising kids, and the other one runs the rate-race of paying bills. If anything, the recollection of past memoirs fills their lives with momentary happiness.

Nobody likes to live such a dull married life. But spouses get on with it because they believe breaking the routine will take an enormous amount of effort and time from their part. However, this is nothing more than a pathetic fallacy, especially when you have florists like https://www.unitingflowers.com.au/ around.

Being a husband, you should not only wait for anniversaries and birthdays to surprise your wife. You can do the same even on regular days. The following tricks will make your wife’s day, and she will fall head over heels in love with you once again.

  1. Write a love letter

You may be wondering why you need to write a love letter when a text message can do a fine job. Well, the thing is that we are always texting each other a lot. So, the odds are, by now your wife would have made peace with your occasional “I love you” texts. Though the gesture would suffice to bring a smile on her face, she will not be surprised one bit reading your love expressions.

But love letter is a different deal altogether. If you do not have time to purchase a lavish card, grab a regular paper and proceed. Do not get carried away by emotions too far. Just keep it short and precise.

Once you are done with writing, slip the letter in her purse, car or somewhere she can easily trace. Rest assured, reading the outpour of love will not only give your wife butterflies in the stomach but surprise her like anything.

2. Bring a gift

Contrary to the popular assumption, a gift does not necessarily have to be an expensive one. As long as it comes straight out of your heart, the price tag does not matter. Like many husbands, if you are cutting corners and saving money to buy your spouse something special, the practice is not worth it.

Almost every female under the sun loves chocolates. A chocolate box would be a fantastic gift, more so, if the relationship is getting sour lately.

3. Prepare surprise meal

Married couples spend their lives in a strict pattern. No matter how difficult and demanding their routine may be, they have to stick to it to make ends meet. The same goes for your wife.

For example, since many men do not cook well, women have to take this duty. You can surprise your wife by cooking on her behalf. Do not assume that you have to be a seasoned cooked before preparing food for your wife. There are plenty of videos on YouTube that can easily equip you with basic cooking skills in a matter of days.

3. Write something adorable in the alarm text

Many couples tend to hug or kiss while leaving for work. But, a few years down the road, this ritual ends up just being a formality. You may be doing it physically, but the warmth of love somehow evaporates with time.

You should try showing your love differently in the morning time. For example, change the alarm text of your wife to something lovely. Pass her a compliment or use euphemisms to describe her importance. Aside from being surprised, she will cherish that for many years.

4. Say three magical words in music

Are you a decent singer? It is about the time you should make the most of your talent. Of course, love expressions sound beautiful even if you stammer while saying them, but music will multiply their beauty. Compose your poem and sing it to her. Do not worry about composing skills. Your genuine sentiments will cover this flaw.

5. Surprise her at the workplace

An office is a hectic place. Your self-esteem hits the rock-bottom the moment your boss snuffs you in front of junior colleagues. But things return to normality after we spend time with our loved ones. Imagine, your wife is having one of those rough days at the office, and she badly needs a dependable shoulder. Who can do this job better than a husband?

Calculate her break timing properly and make a surprise entry and you will catch your wife, gasping. Albeit short, the meet-up is sure to strengthen the bonding.

6. Arrange surprise vacation on the weekend

Spending less time with each other is the most common reason why couples fall apart. In other words, this is the fertile ground where misunderstandings take root. Just like so many couples out there, if you are also going through the same problem, nothing will surprise your wife more than a weekend vacation.

Look for a calm location where you can listen to one another and resolve all the conflicts once and for all. Select her favorite destination and keep it a top-secret. Easily, this is going to be the mother of all the surprises.

7. Send flowers to her office

Women are the physical depiction of flowers. So nobody deserves them more than a female. No matter how many times you already showered your wife with fresh buckets, they are always received with equal compassion. However, you can add an element of surprise by sending flowers to her when she is buried in office work.

8. Dress for her

When men try to impress women, they use their personality as a potent weapon. All of a sudden, their dressing sense improves. But after marriage, things come back to square one; you do not dress up for your wife anymore.

Try to wear a shirt that your wife gifted you a long way back. It will make her nostalgic, and she will not stop hugging and kissing you all day long.

9. Scrap something nice on the bathroom mirror

Nothing beats morning surprises. This is one of the best we have in store. Picture this; your wife is about to splash water on her face and catches glare of heartfelt message. Put yourself in a similar situation and see how it feels. Yeah, now you know the magic of this formula.

The final verdict

You may be unaware of this reality, but a closer look at the events will unpack that you are unknowingly taking your wife for granted. These vibes are never good and eventually lead to dreadful consequences. Guess what, you can turn things around with the above tactics. Without an iota of doubt, these tried and tested mantras guarantee a healthy marriage life.

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