The Benefits of Good Product Labelling

By on April 3, 2019

Introducing a new product to the market involves a lot of hard work, especially if your brand is not yet known. Aside from the preparation and creation of the product itself, there’s also the advertisements and other campaigns to make a name out there. Labelling is also important to consider. Unfortunately, it is not being prioritised by some companies, which is a huge mistake because if done right, it provides a big help in the promotion and success of the product. Here are some of the benefits of proper labelling.

Provides details

In the UK, there are different labelling rules based on the kind of product, but the general rule is that all information that you put must be accurate and not misleading. This information includes size or quantity, ingredients, what it offers, and the manufacturer. The Trading Standards office will guide you on the rules about the proper labelling of your product.

With the correct information shown on the packaging, customers will know what they are getting and can make a sound decision based on that. This can also prevent unwanted incidents such as taking something that contains ingredients that are not good for their health.

Creates trust

Not all products have the name of their manufacturer and their contact information on their packaging. Add this on your label as this is one way of building trust. Showing your name and giving them details on how to contact you proves that you are confident about your product. It also delivers the message that you care about them as you are giving them a way to reach you.

Gets attention

Take time to work on the design of your label because it can do a lot in terms of catching the attention of potential buyers. You may compare this to foods. As they say, people eat first with their eyes. If the food looks delicious, there’s a higher chance that customers are going to try it. This is the same as the product that you are selling.

People don’t know yet what your product offers, so you need to make them want to learn about it first to get a chance of getting sales. This is where a nicely done label design comes in. With all the products displayed around yours, an attractive label will catch the eyes of the shoppers and entice them to check it out.

Promotes brand recall

The label must have the name of your brand or your logo on it, and it should be the same with your other marketing materials. If you use the same theme throughout your campaigns, it will easily stick in the minds of the customers and will promote brand recall. The more they see it, the more it is likely to spark an interest in trying it as it’s something already familiar to them due to their recall of the brand.

You can have your labels printed by a printing service provider, or you may also invest in a labelling machine depending on your needs.

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