The Best And Safest Way To Get Rid Of Skin Tags

By on September 18, 2018
Skin Tags

Skin tags are basically flaps of your own skin which extend out from various parts of your body. Also known as acrochordons, these tags are usually painless and not a medical threat. Most doctors would advise leaving skin tags alone unless you have a cosmetic concern.

If you decide to get rid of these skin tags it is advisable to visit a skin tag removal specialist and get the procedure done. If your skin tag is darker than your natural skin color or is unusual in terms of size and shape you should immediately consult the best dermatologist in London. 

Before going ahead and opting for medical treatment for removal of tags- it is important to know the benefits of the same. It can be really tempting to treat skin tags at home. You might think you will save yourself a fortune if you get rid of these tags on your own. However, it is important to know that seeking professional help for skin tag removal has its own unique benefits.

Your doctor will be able to maintain hygiene with the help of sterilized tools. Your doctor is experienced and skilled in this particular field. Thus, he/she will be able to prevent any infections during and after the procedure.

Proper numbing creams or ointments will be applied to make your skin numb and then only the procedure will be performed. These creams will help in reducing any type of pain or discomfort during the procedure.

Opting for professional medical care will also ensure minimum scarring. Usually, the scars are so insignificant that they are barely visible. Skin tags have a constant blood supply and this is what keeps them strong and attached to the skin.

Thus, it is advisable not to try to treat it on your own.

First things first. If you want to get rid of your skin tag, visit your dermatologist and understand the nature and type of your skin tag. If your doctor finds your skin tag to be unusual in appearance he might ask you to get it examined first.

The most common procedure to get rid of your skin tag is by getting it cut off from your skin. This procedure is performed with the help of a tool called scalpel which helps to cut the tag from your skin. Your doctor might also use a pair of medical scissors to perform the same. This procedure is painless and quick.

Your dermatologist might also consider freezing your skin tag. This procedure is done by applying a small amount of liquid nitrogen to the skin tag. The skin tag will fall off once it is frozen. This method is called cryosurgery and is usually performed on warts.

Burning off skin tags is also widely used to get rid of them. In this method, the doctor will directly apply a heat source on the surface of the skin tag. The heat which is applied on the skin will burn off the tag and removes it. This is also another easy and quick way of getting rid of skin tags.

Blood supply is what keeps your tag stuck to your skin. Thus, cutting off the blood supply from the upper portion of the tag will dry it off and help it to fall off.

However, this process is not as quick as the other ones. It can take few days for the tag to completely dry off and fall as it depends upon the size of the skin tag. This process is a bit more painful compared to other methods.


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