The Full Scoop on Sports Team Parties

By on July 20, 2018
Sports Team Parties

The bow and arrow were one of the most critical military inventions in human history. They gave the wielder attack distance not previously seen before. They allowed you to take out an enemy without all that mucking about with hand to hand combat. In time the gun took over and became the foreground.

However, the bow and arrow have never been forgotten. This weapon even shows up in popular pop culture. Who can forget Hawkeye and the Green Arrow? These superheroes showed us how cool it was to use the bow and arrow in modern times. Now you can enjoy a new sport called combat archery. Even better, you can join a group and take part in sports team parties.

What Is Combat Archery?

Combat archery is a pastime that is rapidly gaining popularity. It combines elements of laser tag and paintball with the use of a bow and arrow. Some people have called it Archery Tag, from inception. You will be armed with a bow and arrow, with which you can shoot at your friends.

The arrows are tipped with Styrofoam, so you don’t end up mortally wounding your boss, as that may put a kink in your employment plans. The sport will test each player’s aiming, shooting, and dodging, while running and using split-second thinking. It is an excellent experience for families who love adrenaline gushing, action-packed activities.

Even with “safe” arrows, precautions have to be taken. So, all participants have to wear protective gear when they take part in combat archery. Bows and arrows are extremely powerful if not used correctly, so there is a limit on the amount of draw weight for the bows used.

How to Handle A Bow and Arrow?

When you use a bow and arrow on the range, there are some rules to follow to shoot arrows safely. When you get to combat archery, you will be filled in on how to handle a bow and arrow properly. You will also receive training and target practice. Howevrel=”dofollow”er, you might want to know how to shoot beforehand. Here are some basic tips on hitting the target:

  1. First, you must line yourself up to your target
  2. Stand up straight and plant your feet about shoulder width apart
  3. Notch your arrow into the bow while pointing it down. This will stop any accidental discharge
  4. Your index, middle and ring finger should be used to draw the string
  5. Now point your bow at your intended victim-target
  6. Draw the device up towards your face
  7. Aim at your target
  8. Slowly relax your fingers and let the arrow fly. Make sure to breathe in before releasing the arrow. Do not breathe out with the release, as this may put you off target. Breathe after the arrow has flown.

These are just a few basics on how to shoot. When you take part in combat archery, you will have to do this and much more, also ensuring you don’t get hit by your opponents.

What Are Sports Team Parties?

Sports are better when they can be shared with your friends. They are also an excellent means of not only strengthening team spirits but also building new connections between colleagues and friends. They are also a means to build trust and respect between teammates.

That is why so many team building activities include some sort of game or sport. Paintball and capture the flag games are very popular for team building because they involve the teams all pulling together and working towards a shared goal. This element of combined effort towards a set goal is a significant element of combat archery sports team parties. They are also excellent for end of season functions.

Sports Team Parties

Organizations like Combat Archery Edmonton, can handle groups of up to 30 people. You can get your parents, coaches, and even your bosses to take part as there is more than enough room.

What do Sports Team Parties Sessions Include?

The idea that you will be shooting Styrofoam tipped arrows at your friends, family, and colleagues is easy enough to understand, but what do sports team parties include?

When your soccer, baseball, or hockey team comes to Combat Archery Edmonton to take part in sports team parties, they will be involved in the following:

30 minutes of training and target practice:

The arrows may have their tips covered in Styrofoam as they are very safe, but you still need to learn how to handle a bow and arrow correctly. This training will show you not only what safety precautions to take, but also how to shoot a bow and arrow. It may seem easy to use, but there is some technique needed to hit your target consistently.

60 minutes of heart-pumping arena gameplay:

This is the part you are probably looking forward to the most. This is when you will be able to play the game with your team. Depending on the rules you want to use for your game you will have access to the gameplay area. Prepare for some adrenaline-fueled exhilaration.

55 minutes use of the party room after your game:

After all of that running, shooting and dunking, you will need a place to unwind and replay all the fun with your team. You will be able to use the party room with your group to bask in the glory of winning or to lick your wounds and congratulate the winning team.

Nearly every culture historically has some sort of bow and arrow device. Who would have thought two wooden sticks and some strong sinewy material would be so important. From William Tell, Robin Hood to Hawkeye and Legolas, the bow and arrow have always captured the imagination of people.

Growing up, most children have some fantasy of being a great archer and hitting a fly’s wing from 100 meters away. With combat archery, you can live out these dreams. You can take part whether you are a novice or an experienced player. The important part is that you have all the fun in the world, and you let that adrenaline flow freely.


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