The Hardest Interview Questions to Answer

By on June 27, 2018
Hardest Interview Questions to Answer

Interviews. The situations that are critical to be into but which are on the top of the list of circumstances people would love to ditch. Some of other such situations are talking on the phone and meeting people in reality. As long as the conversation limits itself to the dimensions of mobile or laptop (the former mostly), this generation is comfortable avoiding talking to people. This is the reason facetime has gone so down these days. All thanks to social media, innumerable chat platforms, and ever-increasing networking space.

But you can’t avoid facetime in interviews. You are face to face with recruiters who are judging you for every move you make. From your body language to communication skills to presentation skills- the human resources development professionals understand the human psychology, as they come certified with top international HR certifications. From the other end, the interviewers deal with human resources development on a daily basis. But it’s not an easy situation even for them. Though their personal profile might be decorated with many international HR certifications, it’s not easy to differentiate between people. And to differentiate one person from another, you need to know the parameters on which to differentiate.

Here is the list of questions that people in human resources development must ask the new entrants:

Emergency Protocol: Qualifications apart, people fumble most at questions meant to check their aptitude, general awareness, and how they behave in the face of some problem. Many candidates have been asked weird questions like what they will do in a life-threatening situation like a fire in the office. This is to check the knowledge of corporate policies of those who are giving interviews for positions in authority for roles like managers, leaders, and HR professionals.

Geography Questions: Most of the time, interviewers aren’t looking for the right answers for questions but the communication and presentation skills as well as the confidence in answering what you believe is right. For example, some candidates are asked, if you want to be in Boston and still not in the USA, where are you? There’s a Boston in England is what you are expected to say or else may be a company called Boston in some other part of the world.   

Professional Details: You must be clear about what your curriculum vitae or resume says what your skills and knowledge sets are. If you say you a have a keen eye for details, you must be able to pinpoint which color vase was kept on the table in the lounge area meant for waiting. If you have mentioned you are a great writer you must be able to write a report. If your portfolio mentions you have international HR certifications from some reputed institution, you must be able to convey what talent management practices are best and trending. Interviewers also test candidates for self-awareness and inquisitiveness. You must know- what’s the meaning of your name? The significance for why you were named so?


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