The Most Acknowledged B Des Courses You Should Know About

By on May 28, 2019
Most Acknowledged B Des Courses

From the email invite for an event to the banners along the road, everything that we see on a daily basis is a product created by design professionals. They deeply understand a brand’s voice and then replicate it on their creative canvas. The innovative execution through which they make any brand speak for themselves makes them a fundamental need in almost every field.

Every year, thousands of students choose from the various B Des Coursesto give their creative bent the required polishing.

With the increase in demand in B Des courses, students have become more serious about their choices. From choosing the right specialization to getting admission in the best college or university, they do it all. There are many B Des courses that areacknowledgedby students across the nation. These courses serve as stepping stones for the aspirants who want to make a mark in the industry.

Animation & VFX

The animation industry in India is growing at a past pace. It is one of those career paths that promise to fulfill the dream of ‘enjoy as you work.’Work opportunities for quality animators and VFX artists are innumerable. With a professional degree in hand, you can work with many sectors including advertising, film and television, cartoon production, video gaming, e-learning, and theatre.

Fashion Design

The field of fashion design is an ever growing one. Fashion trends tend to change at a fast rate, thus creating several opportunities for designers to showcase their talent. With a degree in fashion designing, you will have opportunities to work with the retail industry and might also grab a chance to work with any of the prominent fashion designers including Manish Malhotra and Vikram Phadnis.

Interior & Retail Space Design

As an interior designer, you will have the scope to be employed in various areas including residential projects, commercial projects, temporary exhibition projects, and workplace projects. You can even practice as a freelance interior designer and offer your services to the ones looking to give their house a revamped look. The industry is competitive, and you ought to be creative and exceptionally good at what you do.

Graphic Design

Pictures are the most effective way of communication, and graphic designers know how to combine words, ideas, and images to create something that strikes the mind of the audience. As a graphic designer, you must have an eye to see everyday objects in a different light, possess a natural flair for creativity and drawing and most importantly the passion for learning new things. From layout designer to creative director and brand identity designer, you can become anything.

Transportation & Mobility Design

As a transport and mobility design professional, you will be catering to the design needs of the transportation industry as a whole. The course will equip you with the required knowledge to develop and create digital mock-ups and clay models of the vehicles. With a specialized design degree in hand, you will have the doors of Transportation Design Studios, Design Consultancies, Accessory Design Studios, Furniture Design, Retail Design, Architectural Design and Electronics Companies open for you.

Choose the Best to Give Your Career the Right Push

With so many colleges and universities mushrooming in all corners of the country, it is nothing but challenging for the students to pick the best one. The trick is to analyze the selected choices not just by their website and brochure, but also by visiting the campus. A visit to the campus will offer you the chance to interact with students. Universities like UPES believe in making their students thorough and skilled professionals through industry-aligned courses. The hands-on practical knowledge gained by the students helps them in making a mark in their profession. So, choose from the various B Des coursesand hop on tothe journey that will define your future path.


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