The Narilatha Flower –Reality or Mystery?

By on November 10, 2018
narilatha flower

There are lots of beautiful plants and flowers in this world. Some are real despite their unique appearance, while others are just the creation of really bored people who have discovered the perks of Photoshop.

Take the example of the Narilatha flower? People are more interested in finding out if these flowers are true than they are in knowing if Kim’s ass is the real deal or not. And with the information existent nowadays on the market, it’s hard to really know.

Why is the Narilatha flower a scam?

There are various reasons why the Narilatha flower can be seen as a hoax. Keep on reading and you will discover some interesting aspects about this so called ‘flower.’

  • Its origin is unknown

Some say that the plant comes from the Himalayan region of India. But others claim that it grows in Thailand or Sri Lanka. It’s true that it is possible for this tree to grow in multiple location but how come no one has ever mentioned it before? This leads us to my second question.

  • Attention

If this were a real tree all the attention of the press and tourists would be on it. Something so amazing like this doesn’t go unnoticed. But the reality is that no researcher or tourist has ever offered a personal photo of this tree.

  • Photos

And speaking of photos, the internet is the place where you can find every piece of junk in the world. But somehow, there are only 3 photos of this tree online. Three photos that travel the world and are used by everyone to confirm or to infirm the existence of this tree.

narilatha flower

narilatha flower

Some say that the reason why the photos are so rare is because they blossom once every 20 years. Hmmm, true but still implausible. Someone would still take a picture of the whole tree and post it online.

So we’re back to wondering: do you think this is a real tree or is just a Photoshop scam?

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