The Role of Mothers In The Rearing of Children

By on April 27, 2018


– William Ross Wallace

This famous quote highlights the importance of mothers in the upbringing of children, to raise them to be better individuals and upstanding citizens.

At a personal level, we share a very special and beautiful bond with our moms as we are connected with them before we came into this world. Throughout our journey from an infant to an adult, she shapes our behavior, character, and beliefs by playing different roles. Let’s understand the contribution of our mom in the holistic development of our personality.

Motherhood – The New Beginning of A Woman

The moment when a child is born, a mother is also born. It’s a completely new experience for a woman that she never had before. Motherhood is a journey in itself, where the life of a mom revolves around her child. Mom fills our life with her unconditional love and care. Her focus is to build a strong foundation for her kids. She sacrifices her needs and wants to make sure the child gets everything he deserves and wants skills, knowledge, and abilities that help the kids to be the best versions of themselves that they can be.

Timeless Teacher in the Classroom of Life

Mothers prove to be influential educators in the lives of their kids. She makes the most appropriate choices for her child so that they become a meaningful part of the world they live in. Mothers are a vital part of a child’s ability to distinguish right from wrong, they are their moral compass.

Motivator Who Never Lets Us Down

A mother makes a child realize how important it is to believe and have confidence in themselves. She helps her kid in creating a strong image of themselves and forming an influencing personality.When a child loses confidence in themselves, she motivates him/her and makes them believe that even if they may not have performed well, they will do well again with just a little more effort.

A Constant Companion

A mother is a child’s companion throughout his/her journey of the life. Whenever a child faces any problem, they approach their mother and share the pain. She stands by her child and provides the required guidance.

The above mentioned qualities make mothers inseparable parts of our life. While expressing gratitude towards the mothers, a very old Jewish proverb comes to mind that “a mother can hear the silence of her child”. One day is never enough to celebrate her contributions in our lives and also words are never enough to thank her for everything that she has done to make us a better human being.Mother’s Day gives us an opportunity to honor her presence in our lives.

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