The Waterproof Coating from Pidilite—Dr Fixit Raincoat

By on January 14, 2019

Dr Fixit Raincoat is an elastomeric waterproof coating for exterior walls. It is a high-performance coating for both externally plastered as well as concrete walls. Dr Fixit Raincoat is different from ordinary exterior paints as it provides a dual benefit of aesthetics and waterproofing properties. Remember that there is no need of exterior paint when you use Dr Fixit Raincoat. It protects external walls from rains and is available in over a hundred different shades.

About Dr Fixit Raincoat

Dr Fixit Raincoat is an exterior acrylic coating that provides waterproofing as well as a superior sheen.

  • It provides a complete solution to prevent dampness and seepages safeguarding the upscale interiors.
  • It is available in over a hundred different colours obtained from three bases: white, mid-tone and dark, easily tintable to produce any shade.
  • It has smoothness and sheen far superior to any exterior paint.
  • The best part of using Dr Fixit Raincoat as a coating is that there is no need to dilute it with water.

Dr Fixit Raincoat coating is different from the paint

The word coating indicates protection, while the word paint itself implies decoration. A coating film with higher thickness, breathable properties, and flexibility is more robust compared to any conventional paint film and hence provides a complete protection to a structure from natural elements for an extended period.

Premium exterior paint cannot wholly protect a building from the rain

Modern construction has external walls built with masonry to fill the spaces in the RCC frame. The arrangement itself exposes the exterior to seepage from the outer wall to enter into the interiors during rains.

Cement shrinks causing shrinkage cracks in plaster that leads to water seepage through cracks. Now, premium exterior paints have a limited capability to withstand rain lashing and handle external cracks. Hence, a high-performance waterproof coating is required to prevent seepage to enter from exteriors to the interiors.

Areas of application

Dr Fixit Raincoat can be applied to all types of concrete, cement sand, and exterior masonry surface renderings of:

  • Row houses, bungalows
  • Residential housing societies
  • Warehouses and factories
  • Commercial complexes and institutions

Features and benefits

  • Ready to use: As no dilution is required, the coating ensures a desired film thickness built-up without affecting the performance of the exterior wall.
  • Flexibility: The coating is flexible and covers hairline cracks of up to 0.5 mm effectively to prevent ingress of water.
  • Toughness: The tough film of the coating withstands wind-driven rain.
  • Elasticity: High elasticity withstands stress from thermal expansion and contraction.
  • Breathability: The exterior wall is permeable to water vapour.
  • Film thickness: A high film thickness of Dr Fixit Raincoat provides resistance to the structural movements, and gives crack bridging characteristics & waterproofing properties.
  • Ease of application: The coating is user-friendly and readily applicable by a roller or spray.
  • Toxicity: Dr Fixit Raincoat is non-toxic.
  • Microbial resistance: Resistance to fungus and algae maintains the aesthetic value of the wall.
  • UV resistant: Resistance to UV ensures a longer life for the coating and the wall.
  • Dirt pick up: The coating has a low dirt pick up, and hence the exterior wall can be easily cleaned and aesthetics can be easily maintained.
  • Resistance to efflorescence: Paints offer little protection against efflorescence as compared to coatings.
  • Excellent waterproofing: A coating provides a severe obstruction to water and carbon dioxide. The dry film thickness of a conventional paint is about 40 to 50 microns whereas the same for a coating is more than twice the paint.

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