Things to Consider Before Buying Paintings Online

By on October 4, 2016
Buying Paintings Online

If you have been planning to festoon your living space with beautiful Indian art paintings, it is just the right time to execute your plan. With the festive season being just around the corner, it is that time of the year when everyone looks out for ways to heighten the aesthetical value of their home and surrounding. Everyone wants to buy the best of the best for their homes. With an overwhelming number of options available over the online market and physical market, it becomes difficult for a commoner to decide what to buy and what not to buy. In such scenarios, we suggest that whether you want to buy Indian paintings online or contemporary items of décor, it is always better to do a thorough search about the items of your choice beforehand. A diligent research will not only help you gain better insight of different artifacts available in the market, but also make you feel more confident about your decision.

There are many people like you and I, who prefer to buy Indian paintings online and decorate their homes with artifacts featuring traditional Indian themes and motifs. When you consider buying artworks, it becomes important to know that each and every artwork, be it a painting or a sculpture, is different from the other and has a story to tell. How you decipher the hidden meaning depends on your creative faculty. Therefore, while buying an artwork, especially an original artwork, find one that narrates a story to you, i.e. go for an artwork that inspires in you a strong feeling and stimulates emotions. Finding such artwork is a bit tricky but it is not difficult. All it requires is a little homework and passion towards art.

Furthermore, the arrival of online art galleries has made the entire process of procuring paintings and sculptures seemingly effortless and easy. No doubt, buying paintings from an online art gallery is one of the most easiest and efficient methods, but like all other methods it can also pose some hurdles. Communication gap, shipping delays and unclear return/refund policies are some of the potential pitfalls. To feel confident about your online purchase, it is essential to buy artworks from a reputable and reliable online art gallery. To make the process easy for you, we have identifies few points that you should bear in mind while buying art online.

Clear Return and Refund Policies

Knowing that you can return the painting and exchange it or get your money refunded in case you don’t like what you have bought is soothing. When you decide to buy Indian paintings online, you must be 100% satisfied with the artwork and the gallery from where you purchase the artwork. Always buy from the gallery that has clear return/exchange/refund policies.

Shipping Insurance

Consider a scenario where you buy an expensive painting online and it gets damaged in transit. Won’t it be heartbreaking to know that the shipment was not insured? To avoid such scenarios and minimize the loss, always make sure that your shipment is fully insured in case something goes wrong during delivery.

Round the Clock Customer Service and Support

Always go for a gallery that provides round the clock customer support and work in close collaboration with the buyers to ensure that entire process of buying an artwork is seamless and transparent. Having a support team readily available to assist you with your issues and queries is comforting.

Secure Payment Options

One of the reasons why people abstain from buying art online is security issues. People don’t feel safe while making payments online. They feel vulnerable to information thefts and frauds. To mitigate the risks of falling prey to any such situation, always verify that the payment you make is secure and protected. Opt for online art galleries where checkout procedure is shielded by secure payment processing solutions.

Commitment to Artists

When you buy an original painting, you are directly helping an artist. Always ensure that the artist gets his due. You can do this by buying paintings from a gallery that supports and takes care of artists associated with it.

Certificate of Authentication

Be 100% confident about your purchase. If you decide to buy original paintings, always buy from an art gallery that provides Certificate of Authentication from the artist or an authorized agency.

This festive season, when you plan to buy Indian paintings online, bear the above mentioned points in your mind to make the entire process as seamless as possible.


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