Things to Consider Before Choosing a Spine Surgeon

By on February 27, 2017
Spine Surgeon

Searching for the best spine surgeon Florida for your spine problem? A spine surgery may be required when your pain become quite bad or severe. However, if the surgery is not performed properly, the problem becomes even worse. Therefore, to avoid such condition, ensure the surgeon that you are considering is the right person to perform the spine surgery.

Below mentioned are some of the key considerations that you must keep in your mind when choosing a spine surgeon in Florida:

  • Make sure to choose a surgeon who is able to help you to decide whether to proceed or not with surgery. He must be able to educate and inform you about the full range of treatment options available for spine injury and what is technically possible. He should provide you the information regarding the potential benefits of a procedure along with the difficulties and risks associated with it. At the end, the choice to proceed with spine surgery is entirely yours because you are the one, who better know how bad your pain is.

  • Patients often get confused between a neurosurgeon and orthopedic surgeon. It is important to know that both the types of surgeons are equally qualified. The only difference is that the orthopedic surgeons generally concentrate on bone. On the other hand, neurosurgeons generally concentrate on nerves. Neurosurgeons are usually preferred for tumor surgery, whereas, orthopedic surgeons are best in treating deformities. However, in most cases, both the surgeons work together to treat a patient’s condition.

  • Make sure the spine surgeon that you choose is board certified and fellowship trained in spine. A certified and well-trained spine surgeon, generally have enough amount of experience and practice to handle various spine related issues.

  • Another most important factor that you must consider when choosing a spine surgeon is the amount of experience a surgeon hold in performing spine surgeries. A surgeon who is frequently involved in performing spine surgeries is likely to be more adaptive with the latest surgical techniques as compared to a surgeon who performs spine surgery occasionally.

Your quality of life can significantly get worse, due to a spine problem. If you need to go through a back or neck surgery, make sure to choose the best surgeon. This will increase your chances of achieving the best possible results with minimal potential complications.

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  1. Khorae Olivier

    February 20, 2018 at 6:10 pm

    It’s great that you elaborated on the differences between a neurosurgeon and an orthopedic surgeon. I think in general, people don’t often know what a specific surgeon does without looking them up. You did a great job of explaining how an orthopedic surgeon concentrated on bone and deformities often but will work with the neurosurgeon to treat the same patient.

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