Things to do before your baby arrives

By on June 13, 2018
Things to do before your baby arrives

The list is long before the baby arrives. You will be confused on what to do and what not. The best medicine for pregnancy would be already in your packing list. Have said so it would be better to show your pregnancy medication list to your doctor so that they can make any modifications. Apart from the medicines there is a bundle of joy that is arriving in your home. There are a lot of things which you would need to do at this juncture. Let us now go through the list as follows

Choose the date for a baby announcement

In case if you live far away from your immediate family it would be a great way to show your pregnancy. You can do it on social website or print a layout with an attractive theme as well. in case if your mind is clear on what you want before the baby is born then you do not have to stress too much.

Gather address

If you feel that you need a baby announcement it could be more stressful in order to gather all the address of the people whom you want to invite. Be prepared with all the lists before your baby is born. In fact a lot of time along with effort is saved at this point of time.

Keep the bags ready

Since you are not sure of when the baby will arrive, it would be better if you keep your bags ready. Keep a bag ready for yourself along with the baby. The simple reason being you are not aware on when the baby is going to arrive. If you have someone drive you to the hospital keep it near the door. So there would be no major cause of panic as well.

Your carpets have to be clean

This might not apply to each one of us. But if you are staying in a rented house, where the carpets are prone to smell, then this works out to be a lucrative option. So before one month of your pregnancy you should get your carpet cleaned by a professional. In case if you have not gone to do it this for sure would become a nightmare before your baby happens to be born as well. Do a random search on Google and you will find a host of companies that roll out discounts.

Choice of a paediatrician

In case if there is no paediatrician for your old kids, now is the perfect time for your little one to have one. Do check whether you have one in your hospital or if you get hold of some references. There might be relatives or friends who might have gone on to avail their services in the distant past. It would be better if you choose one before delivery as you can built a perfect bonding before the baby is due. You can get answers to all the queries before the little one makes an entry.


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