Things You Must Avoid Doing at a Hen’s Night Party

As a bridesmaid, the one responsibility that outweighs, every other emotions and responsibilities, is organising a pitch-pefect hens’ night. There are emotions all around you – from the bride, her cousins, her friends, colleagues. But you can’t get carried away.

All of them on one side and you are on the other side who has to work to meet all their expectations and fulfil their desires. The responsibility to make her hen’s night memorable for the rest of her life is squarely on your shoulders.

Whether think your friend will like it to be a low key function or wild one with male strippers, you have to use your heart and mind to decide the best for her. It’s you who has to ensure that she has an extraordinary celebration.

Despite all the realisation that you should do this and not do that, we are humans and to err is human, as they say it. But not you. Here are some errors that you MUST avoid at any cost.

  1. Don’t Do What You Like


Hen’s night is a lifetime moment for a bride; it’s not like a normal girl’s night out. Being a maid of honor, you have to plan a hen’s party being more personal and considering her taste.


The party should center on her taste, feelings and outlook towards the world. Even if you have different taste in all these matters, remember its her hen’s night. And she has chosen you as the bride’s maid trusting that you know her very well and will organise a party that she would love!

  1. Forgetting to invite close ones


There are only a few people who love to celebrate important occasions in solitude. Is the bride one of them? If it isn’t, than sit down with her and prepare a list of people she would like to be with to mark the moment.

Start ticking off the list starting with her family members, school friends, college mates, colleagues and then lastly from her social ciricle. Remember, it’s hard for everyone to attend the party even if they want to due to prior engagements.

As soon as the marriage plans come to fruition, finalising the guest list and sending out the invites should be one of the first things to do. Believe me, it will make the bride happy to have a caring friend like you in her life.


  1. Don’t Forget to Set a Budget

Who doesn’t want to make the hen’s night extraordinary and full of fun spending luxurious time? But don’t forget it’s a night that will be over soon and the morning it will lead might be a dreaded one with a huge bill to pay!

Being a maid of honor, you have to think of the volume of the people who will be attending the party and the things they would like to enjoy and try. Consider all the possibilities and try to see the expected budget.

If you want to plan a party at a special place, it’s better to consult others and go with the majority. It more fun when everyone is excited and willing to chip in the costs!


  1. Over drinking and creating a scene

Over drinking is what you need to avoid at any cost. You don’t want someone to pass out early and miss the fun. It’s all about having fun together, not creating an embarrassing scene.

Drinking helps people to let loose their healthy emotions which further stimulate the participants to enjoy the party. But overdrinking can bring out the darker side and unhealthy emotions that everyone may not be able take.

Ensure that everyone is within limits and having healthy and a great time – you don’t need to police them, but ensure that the party is wild, but yet on the track!


  1. Going against the bride’s wish

Hen’s night is all about making the bride happy, and going against her desireis the last thing you want to do. Know her wishes; it’s better to ask her what she wants for her hen’s and plan accordingly rather than surprising her with something she hates.

If she would prefer to have a raunchy stripper show at home or a private venue – go for it. You can even add sometopless waitersto the mix – let her enjoy the night. But if she would prefer some adventures, you could even organise a bubble soccer game! Choices are endless – just make sure, its her choice!

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