Some Tips on Class 12 Biology Preparations

By on July 8, 2017
Biology Preparations

Class 12 is a vital phase in the life of every student. Many studentsbelonging to the Science streamhave Biology in their coursework. The Biology preparation should be started from the very beginning of the session. Biology is the compulsory subject for the medical aspirants as well as for some engineering branches. This subject is also required for various other degree courses. So, a thorough and serious preparation is needed in order to get a high score in Biology. First of all, you should properly know the syllabus and according to that, take a step-by-step preparation.

How to get started?

Start your preparation from the CBSE class 12 Biology chapter 1. This chapter involves with the Reproduction in Organisms in which different concepts related to the reproduction of sexual and asexual creatures have to be covered. You have to memorize several reproduction techniques. At the end of the chapter, the summary and practice exercise questions are given. You have to prepare all the chapters like this. Keep in mind that the basics should be very clear in order to move on the advanced topics. Clear your concept by learning each and every topic thoroughly, follow your class properly. Ask your teacher, if you get stuck in any concept. Biology is associated with lots of diagrams and figures, so practice again and again to memorize them perfectly. Read each and every line of your textbook and mark the important points. Remember that the MCQs can come from any corner of your syllabus, so prepare for them accordingly. Set your timetable for every subject. You can set the slot for Biology in the morning as it requires memorizing a lot of concepts.

There are various chapters in the syllabus. After properly completing one chapter, proceed to the next and don’t forget to revise the previous chapter once a week. Take notes of every important point, it will help you before the exam. Write down the difficult terms in order to memorize them sharply. Most of the students take the preparations of the Board Exam and the Joint Entrance Exam simultaneously. In that case, compare the syllabus, question pattern and structure, and type of questions properly for both of them. Take help from your teacher about your preparation.

Last Phase of Preparation

After reading and clearing every concept, start solving the previous year’s questions to brush up your knowledge. Time management is an important factor and you have to take care of it while solving the questions. You should refer the NCERT Solutions during your preparation so that you can memorize all the answers to the exercise questions. Start from the NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Reproduction in Organism chapter and continue the journey to the next chapters. Revise the question answers again and again along with solving the question paper. The last phase of preparation generally involves the mock test. Mock test will help you to understand the preparation level as well as help to find out your weak areas. Start giving the mock tests much before the actual exam, so that you can have the enough time to correct your mistakes. Assess your every mock test result in detail and try to improve the marks in the next test.

Biology needs a thorough understanding and memorizing. Cover each and every concept of your syllabus in detail. Don’t lose your confidence. Just practice the question papers and give mock tests as much as you can. Your hard work and dedication will surely bring you a good score.

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