Tips for Hosting a Texas-Sized Dinner Party

By on June 27, 2019
Tips for Hosting

Dinner parties are still fashionable forms of entertaining family and friends. The key to a memorable dinner party is making it modern yet reflective of your unique style with the help of Austin event rentals. If you’re a true Texan, this means throwing an event as big as the Lone Star State. Planning for a Texas-size dinner party can be manageable if you follow these tips.

Create the Right Ambiance

Perhaps what your guests will remember even more than the delicious food is the beautiful ambiance. The design and mood take the dinner party to the next level and make your guests feel special. You probably don’t have all the décor you need for the theme or tone you choose, however, so utilize a service such as Archive Rentals to find the perfect furniture, tableware, and accessories.

Provide Sufficient Seating

A common mistake hosts make is not having enough seating for guests. If you want everyone to eat together at a formally set table, look into table rentals. Rectangular tables are easier to arrange in a space, and round tables can fit more people comfortably.

Alternatively, you can go with open seating, placing benches, chairs, and small tables all around the venue. This can create a more intimate atmosphere, especially for introverted people who prefer interacting in small groups.

Stock Up on Beverages

Between the Texas heat and the general affinity for people to down drinks at parties, you’re going to need more beverages than you think. How much depends on the following factors:

  • Whether the party is indoors or outdoors
  • How long the event will last
  • If you’ll hire a bartender or fulfill the role yourself
  • What your guests like to drink
  • What you’re serving for dinner

If you’d rather spend more of your budget elsewhere, serve simple drinks that work for any occasion, from water with fresh fruit to versatile wines that pair well with any dish.

Start Planning

Texas-size parties require Texas-size preparation. Begin planning and reserving the rental items you need for your delightful dinner event.


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