Tips For Improving Gas Mileage For Efficient Driving

By on April 25, 2018
Gas Mileage For Efficient Driving

A car is not a luxurious item anymore; instead, it is a necessity of the times. It is quite convenient to have your transport available, especially in emergency situations. However, even with all the benefits involved, it is difficult to maintain a budget when all you’re income is spent refilling your tank. Therefore, it is essential that you get the most out of every last drop of fuel in your tank. The following tips will help you in that quest and give you a chance to start saving up:

1. Ease up on the pedal

The most common problem with the people, regardless of age, gender or race, is that everyone wants to be a Formula 1 racer. We like the thrill of speeding down the road even within city limits. However, that is the most efficient way to waste your fuel. Your car uses the energy from the burning fuel to run, and higher speed means greater the power it needs to counter the opposing drag. Hence more fuel burned. So in short, ease up on the pedal, and you’ll see a significant change in your mileage.

2. Accelerate and Decelerate smoothly

Speeding up or slowing down can also put pressure on the engine and related parts of your car, leading to more fuel consumption. Suddenly accelerating or braking burns more fuel; therefore, it is essential that you coast to a stop at a traffic light or near the bend and use the accelerator as slowly and gently as possible.

3. Fuel recommendation is not just for show

The car manufacturers test their cars for optimum performance using different fuel types. So if the car manual tells you the ideal fuel to use, don’t go making your assumptions and trying out your theories. Stick to what the professionals tell you; they know your car better than you, they designed it after all.

4. Maintain your car; replace those air filters

Perform regular check-ups and replace the air filters. If the filters are clogged up, it will require more force for the engine to draw in air from the surroundings; working twice as hard would mean more fuel consumption. Thus, car maintenance is essential; like any other machine, your car too needs a tune up from time to time. You can get new air filters or any other auto parts from

5. Watch the weight; reduce drag

The aerodynamic designs of the cars are perfect, as they are, to combat the drag you feel when on the road. Adding any additional accessory can lead to an increase in the amount of drag the engine would have to work against. Moreover, adding load to your car will increase its weight, leading to a rise in the engine’s workload, thereby decreasing gas mileage.


There’s no need for you to go and purchase a brand new, fuel-efficient car. Just following these tips and maintaining regular checkups will have your vehicle running at optimum performance and help manage your budget.


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