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By on November 16, 2017

There are different kinds of cafes and restaurant nowadays, and the idea of self-service is becoming more and more popular. Keeping in mind the changing times, the methods of hospitality management is also evolving. The self-service counters in various cafes and restaurant are evidence of this change. They solely operate based on the customers own independent orders which they can easily decide from their respective seats by viewing the menu boards which are displayed at such places. The electronic digital board can be put to various uses and showing the menu board is the major task that it is set to. There are always leaflets of the menu available, but the board is a very versatile option since it not only displays the menu but gives a thorough idea about the current weather condition. The news and much more since it can double as a media player and television as well. Some high-quality digital boards are equipped with the ability to connect with the network and this way you can even update your website from your café.

However, we hardly think of the maintenance of these boards which are being installed in our café. While they are very durable and low maintenance, one should keep in mind certain things to ensure that the boards are functional all the time and do not incur any kind of damage on the long run. Here are some tips and suggestions which would help you to recognize any variety of fault on the digital board and also ways in which you can fix minor hitches on your own for ensuring that it is quickly solved.

Why opt for the digital board?

Before we talk about how the electronic message boards can be maintained, it is essential to have a clear conception about needs for the digital board. The digital board is equipped with all kinds of modern day features, which can ensure that your restaurant business and its maintenance become easy. The board can be used for displaying the menu along with the images of the items on the list. That, in turn, would be very helpful when you have customers who are foreign to the place and with the help of the images they would be able to understand which is the best choice for themselves. The self-service counter is entirely dependent on the digital boards, and the menu displayed there. The digital board has very simple software which can also access the internet, and with the help of the network, you can sync the board with your business website and also update the daily menu or the item of the day. If there is any kind of discount or happy hour going on at the restaurant, then it can be updated on the social pages as well as the website with the help of the board itself.

Ensure the screen does not get damaged

For this purpose, it is essential that the digital board be positioned somewhere in the restaurant where there is no chance of people bumping on it or the screen being touched in any way. The LED of the screen should be intact so that the display can be viewed correctly. Usually, there are chances that the LED screen gets broken, and this, in turn, can lead to a lot of trouble. It would be a significant expense if you need to repair it and hence it is always better to avoid the situation altogether. You can position the board higher up and out of reach. Also, make sure that it is not too close to the kitchen or it can get damaged by the heat generated there or from oil and other greasy residues. It is a significant trouble that can damage the screen permanently, and hence it is imperative that the issues get addressed. You should also take proper measures and precautions to prevent such problems from arising in the future.

Software issues

Another problem with the display board is the trouble with the software. There are different ways in which the software of the screen can pose a problem. It can get corrupted and hence not function properly. Other than that it can also cause a lot of trouble when the network is low, and you are trying to connect it with the website and sync some information. The primary difficulty occurs when the software is permanently damaged and hence the screen goes blank, and you cannot display the menu like before. It is a significant situation, and there should always be some back up at the restaurant to cope up with the situation. Always keep enough leaflets ready and if needed circulate them from table to table in such a case so that your customer does not have to face any inconvenience while ordering.

Periodical maintenance

It is essential that you get a periodical servicing of the boards done even if it is functioning correctly to ensure there is no damage or potential defect that may lead to significant malfunctioning in the future. The overall maintenance of the board from time to time is essential for ensuring that the board gives the maximum output that you can get from it.


The maintenance of the boards is vital to ensure that your restaurant does not face a dire situation when you are facing any trouble with the digital board. While they are durable and hardy enough, it is not always sure that it would not pose any trouble for the users. However, with certain precautions and proper management, the boards can be well maintained, and it can be concluded that the digital boards are a necessity these days and hence should be managed well to get the optimum output.

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