Tips to Prepare your RV for Transporting

By on February 26, 2018
Tips to Prepare your RV for Transporting

RV transport has to go through serious challenges every day due to the various shapes and sizes of the different recreational vehicles. They focus into serving their customers with the best of their shipping services, which is why they have purchased several transport trailers to provide their shipping customers the safest and most secure transport possible. They offer a wide range of professional transport services for travel trailers, fifth wheels, pop up campers, folding camping trailers, camper vans, converted buses, toy haulers, hybrid trailers and more of other recreational vehicles.

Preparing Your RV for Transport

Like any other vehicle, some minimal preparation is necessary before having a recreational vehicle moved by any rv transport companies. Following few simple steps can help you make sure that there are no hang ups, delays or incidents after they are picked up by the professionals, to start with the transport process.

Security– This requires you to check everything that is loose or might get loose or broken after it has been transported, both on the inside and outside the recreational vehicle. Make sure you double check every single part of the vehicle before handing it over to the professionals. Check the latches, windows, drawers, vents and awnings nicely and not to forget, the appliances too.

Remove personal items– To prepare your RV for shipping, you need to make sure that you do not have any personal item in your vehicle. There can be items that might have a chance of rattling around inside the vehicle, over the course of a long delivery which can cause problems for the transporter and may also cause damage to the vehicle. To avoid such things from happening check the vehicle thoroughly before handing it over to the professionals.

Maintenance– You must go through some basic RV maintenance in order to make your experience with an RV transporting company, a good and healthy one. Certain necessary things like, the tire pressure and fluid levels must be checked before your RV or trailer is picked by the professionals. This smart step will help you avoid any mechanical mishaps from taking place while transporting it and your RV will be in a great condition when it arrives.

Documenting– Always make sure you document the condition of your RV before you get it picked b y the transporting professionals. The transporting companies also keep a record of the condition of the vehicle. But, it is important for you to have one done for yourself for comparing the records and having proper documents about the condition of your vehicle. Sometimes, it is recommended that the customers take photos of their RV before having it moved.

Disconnect power and gas– Any power supplies or gas lines must be disconnected or turned off before the rv transporters take it for transporting it. You should also make sure the lights, fans, refrigerators and any other appliance that is there inside the RV must be turned off or disconnected so that you do not have to face any mishaps later.


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