Tips to make an excellent costume party

By on February 27, 2019
excellent costume party

Costume parties are always a good excuse to spend a fun and entertaining time with family and friends.

At any time of the year you can organize a costume party. They are common among family and friends who want to have a good time, either in terms of emblematic times of the year, a thematic party or simply for the pleasure of dressing up and sharing.

In the preparatory stage, the first thing that must be established is the number of guests and the type of party that you want to organize, whether it is thematic or where each guest can freely choose the costume of their choice super hero costume, zombie costumes, and if you need your own design costume then check Hogtown Mascots for custom design.

  1. Send Invitations:

To send invitations, we can support the benefits offered by technology, ie social networks, as they allow us to communicate with family and friends in a faster and cheaper way, achieving even greater effectiveness. You can design invitations allusive to the theme of the party and send them by email. The important thing is to emphasize the obligatory nature of the disguise and ask for the confirmation of the attendance in order to establish the list of attendees as accurate as possible.

Once the number of guests has been defined, it is easier to glimpse the needs of both food and drink and thus meet the objective that the guests are satisfied in both aspects.

It is important that the party is held in a room large enough and comfortable that includes an area that serves as a dance floor. If there is good weather it can be done in an open place, like a garden or a park and if it is in a closed place, it can be in the broader environment of the house, for example the living room.

  1. Costumes:

The costumes will be the protagonists of the party and of course, what more topics of conversation will generate. An original or very laborious disguise can turn whoever looks at it, in the king or queen of the meeting.

  1. Decoration:

Decoration is always important at any party. In this case, to give it that special touch, especially if it’s a themed party in which the setting can be another element with which to interact: cobwebs and candles in a Halloween party, a sphere of disco-type mirrors in a party of the 70, among other ideas.

Of course a good celebration should not miss the music, the more animated, the better and if you organize for example a costume party inspired by the retro wave of the 60s or 80s, you can include the most popular songs of those times to have a great time, singing the lyrics.

An excellent idea for a costume party is to make it thematic, you can choose between superheroes, animals, the disco era or sports; It will be much more fun and will lend itself to decorating the place where it will take place, with the whole atmosphere especially created according to the chosen theme.


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