Tips to Score Better Marks in Class 10 Maths Exam

By on October 8, 2018
Tips to Score Better Marks

Math is the most challenging and important subject for both Science and Commerce stream. Those students aspiring to become engineers, accountant, and Data analyst should have a strong foundation in this subject. Hence, this subject can no more be neglected as it plays a crucial role in all career options. Class 10 board exam is the turning point in every student’s life and based on their marks decides their future.

Math is a subject, which mainly deals with a number of numerical problems, formulas, constructions, and derivations, which are quite difficult to solve. Along with these, few students also find difficulties in remembering the various formulas and solving problems. This subject will be complex unless students practice them on regular basis.

Thus, here are some useful and important points which can help students in their preparations and can improve their grades in class 10 Maths Exam.

Tips to score better marks in class 10 Maths Exam are: 

Practicing Problems

Practice more numerical problems to gain better proficiency in the topics. It is mandatory to solve various problems in this subject to get the top marks in the exam. Therefore, solve more problems from RD Sharma class 10 solutions for maths, and other reference study materials to gain confidence in their preparations.

Learn different Techniques and Methods

According to the experts and toppers, the best way to become perfect in this subject is “The better you learn the different Techniques and Methods, the less effort is required to find the solutions of a specific problem”. Students have to refer more books of different authors to find out their methods used to solve a problem. By these way, students can gain more knowledge about the concepts.

Maintain a separate book for formulae and theorems

As we all know, Maths is a subject which is all about theorems, concepts, and formulae. Therefore, always remember to make a list of all the formulae, theorems and other important terminologies in a separate notebook and make sure to practice them on a regular basis.

Learning through Educational Apps

Students can make use of the several educational apps which are available to help students in their studies. By downloading the Maths applications, students can improve the learning proficiency, the learning capacity, and the efficiency through 3D animated videos and other YouTube videos. These apps provide students with more solved examples, practice questions papers and lot more to make them perfect in their concepts.

Thus, these are a few important and easy tips for students to score better marks in class 10 Maths Exam. Students can also refer to RD Sharma class 8 solutions and have a strong foundation about the basics.


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