Top 10 Paneer Recipes you can Make at Home

By on July 6, 2017
Paneer Recipes

Cottage Cheese is among the most used ingredient in Indian kitchens. Cottage cheese or more popularly called, Paneer in India, is a type of non-fermented cheese that is made out of fresh milk. The milk used to make Paneer is coagulated using an acidic agent such as vinegar, curd or lemon juice. The layer of whey is removed from the cheese and it is let to set for some time before it turns to paneer as we know today.

Paneer is used as ingredient in some of most widely consumed cuisines in our platter including stuffed chapattis, cakes, gravies such as Kadai Paneer and Paneer Butter Masala. Listed below is the list of best Paneer cuisines you can easily make in your home kitchen.

Paneer Butter Masala

Without a doubt, the most preferred cuisine among the North Indians is Paneer Butter Masala. The dish included freshly chopped paneer cooked in mildly sweet gravy made out of tomatoes mixed with rich flavors and spices. Slices of Butter are also added to make the gravy creamy. You can also use mint leaves as dressing for dish to be served with rotis and chapattis.

Palak Paneer

Another very popular morning cuisine from the North India is the Palak Paneer. Usually served with Besan ki roti, Palak Paneer include cubes cut out of fresh soft paneer and cooked with spinach curry in a pan. Spinach provides a high amount of flavor to the dish and it can be served well with very thin slices of Daikon.

Kadai Paneer Masala

Very similar to the Paneer Masala cuisine, Kadai Paneer Masala is a cuisine rich on spicy flavors. The dish is very easy to prepare and won’t take much time to cook. All you have to do is cook chopped paneer in tangy gravy made out fresh tomatoes mixed with cream to add lightness. Usage of red chillies provides much of the flavor to the dish.

Paneer Tikka

The most served cuisine among Starters in the Indian platter is Paneer Tikka. The dish is very unique in its sense as it can be served with and without gravy depending upon the eater’s taste. Large cubes of paneer are grilled or pan fried till a yellowish tinge of color appears on them. The dish is then decorated with onions and capsicum or if you wish to consume it with gravy, then a tomato puree mixed with cream can also be used.

Malai Kofta

Koftas are balls made out of a number of vegetables. Usually they are made out of a mixture of Paneer and potatoes to make sure they have a definite shape yet are very soft in nature. The dish includes a creamy curry made out of tomatoes but small tinges of sweet and spices also added to enhance the taste.

Paneer Bhurji

A light-weight, easy to make North Indian breakfast dish, it is usually made of crumbled pieces of Paneer cooked with chopped vegetables such as onions, tomatoes and a number of spices. The dish takes minimal time and effort to make and can be perfectly used as a side dish to other courses.

Chilli Paneer

A spicy Chinese Starter dish that is taking over the country, Chilli Paneer has become one of the most essential dishes to start a full course. The dish is a combination of large pieces of chopped paneer with small amount of honey added to provide a sweet taste grilled or pan friend and mixed with freshly chopped thin slices of capsicum, onions and chilies.

Paneer Pasanda

A dish that is growing over the hearts of Paneer lovers in the recent times is Paneer Pasanda. It is a rich recipe of fried sandwiches stuffed with paneer and is presented with fine creamy tomato gravy. This restaurant quality dish requires a longer amount of time to prepare and make and can be used on special occasions as the main dish.

Matar Paneer

Paneer is such an ingredient which combines with numerous other ingredients to make a number of recipes. One such widely loved Paneer recipe is that of Matar Paneer. Peas or Matar are cooked together with Paneer slices in a creamy tomato and onion gravy. Meethi leaves can be added over it for decorational purposes and is best served with freshly made rotis.

Shahi Paneer Korma

The word Shahi means Royal and it certainly fits the bill for this dish. Paneer cooked in an aromatic, mildly sweet, creamy gravy is what constitutes the major idea behind the dish. The slightly sweetish taste of the dish is easily balanced with the presence of coriander leaves added to the dish.

The Last Words

Paneer can be used in a number of ways to decorate and make healthy and lightweight cuisines. Dishes such as Shahi Paneer, Kadai Paneer and Paneer Butter Masala are among the most liked dishes in the Indian community and can be easily cooked in a home kitchen.

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