Top 5 Makeup Trends To Watch Out For In 2019

2019 has been a happening year with newer brands and newer trends coming up for various sectors of the industry. Not lacking behind the beauty and fashion industry has also roped in newer trends. There are trends that transcend time while there are ones that are fleeting. 2019 is all about minimalism and the beauty industry has embraced the trend with open arms. This years beauty trends are about monochrome makeup, dewy makeup to minimalist makeup.

Are you getting hitched soon? You must be then have booked the best Bridal makeup artist in Pune or wherever you plan to get hitched. Do you want to stay high on vogue and keep in line with the wedding trends for this year? With the upsurge of several beauty trend for this year are you confused about which ones to follow? Worry not as we have got your backs. To help you out we present a list of the top makeup trends for this year. Here have a look.

1. Bold Colors

If you’re tired of the neutral palette and looking for something dandy then consider giving the bold colors a try. The trend adds a pop of color to your bridal look. The bold colors makeup trend has given rise to neon eyes which embraces the colors with open arms. A neon eye gives you the ability to play with colors and experiment with your look. Smoky colored eye shadow has become a popular concept with the rise of the bold color trend. For attaining a simpler look with bold colors you can opt for bold eyeliner paired with colorful mascara.

2. Monochromatic Makeup

Of late monochromatic makeup has gained popularity in this year. Monochromatic makeup is solely about matching the eyes with the color of the lips. The monochromatic makeup technique is about applying the same shade of color on the face but in different ways. Monochromatic makeup lets the eyes, cheeks and lips to mimic each other in a beautiful way.

3. Fresh Face Glow

Who doesn’t want a naturally glowing and radiant skin? The fresh face glow makeup makes you to embrace the natural glow of the face. The fresh face glow keeps the skin on priority instead of the makeup. The trend treats the skin with the goodness of vitamins in order to keep it naturally hydrated.

4. Pink Eye shadow

Pink eye shadow has become a hyping trend of the modern times. The pink eye shadows paired with dewy makeup and a cherry lip adds a romantic touch to your look of the day. Accentuate the look by opting for a matte or shimmery gradient texture. For a finer appearance you can consider opting for glitter on the Centre and the inner corners of the lid to provide a light catching dimension.

So these are a few makeup trends for 2019 that would enhance the level of your bridal game. Which trend are you following? Tell us about your choice in the comments below.

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