Top 5 Tips For Solo Travelling Expedition After Your Retirement

By on September 1, 2019
Solo Travelling Expedition After Your Retirement

Life is all about making merriment, celebrating, having fun and travelling to places, even when you retire. Retirement is not the end of the world, it is the beginning of leisure and pleasure in life. Hence, if you are about to reach your retirement age or have already crossed that, its time to break the stereotype that elders are only meant to stay at home and nurture their grand children. Obviously, family responsibilities are important, but you need to realize that the time after retirement belongs to you and your desires.

So, check out the following travelling tips and know how you can make the most of your solo travel expedition. [P.S. Since you are travelling alone and unforeseen situations may cross your way in any possible manner, so you should have a travel insurance cover, which protects you against any mishaps].

  1. Research

First and foremost, you need to back yourself with some research regarding the place you are visiting to, the itinerary, the best deals offered by the travel agent and flights which offer the lowest airfare. Once you have got the essential information, begin planning for the trip. This will keep you pumped and excited for the trip.

  1. Look For Free Wi-Fi

Internet is very important these days, even on a trip. Clicking pictures and sharing it with friends, posting constant updates of your travel journey and much more; the internet gives you access to everything and helps you stay in touch with your loved ones. Also, staying in free wi-fi locations help you have a blast in your hotel room in situations where it gets dark early and you might not want to explore the place in the dark.

  1. Visit a Not-So-Popular Place

Visiting all the popular attractions of a specific destination is something that every tourist does. Hence, the place is bound to be crowded with so many people out there. For those, who do not prefer visiting a crowded place, this can be a major problem. Hence, look for some not-so-popular attractions, like a vineyard etc. that is filled with peace and natural beauty.

  1. Worry Not; Do Nothing

Since it is a solo trip, you must learn the art to relax and do nothing. Leave all the tensions of family responsibilities and finances and just celebrate yourself. Feel good about yourself and try to feel happiness in everything – the chirping birds, the fresh air and the lovely nature. Spend at least one day roaming in the streets, watching the sunset, eating local food and talking to the locals.

  1. Emergency Contact Information

As already mentioned above, uncertain situations might encounter you at any point while you are travelling. Hence, do keep a list of emergency contacts, like your spouse, kids, travel insurance company, credit card company, embassy and others.

Trips enjoyed with family and friends are very memorable. But, solo trips too have a unique sense of pleasure attached to them. So, if you have retired and wish to have some fun, so try a solo trip.


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