Top 6 Tips for Office Renovation Success

By on October 23, 2018
Tips for Office Renovation

Looking to renovate your office but aren’t sure where to start? Should you go with copper lanterns for your wall or new landscaping? Would updating the interior or exterior provide more value for your business?

Choosing to renovate your office is an excellent decision, but deciding exactly how to do that is a tough step to take. Before you get the project started, check out these six useful tips.

1. Important Questions

It is vital that you ask yourself these questions before getting started. Each will help you determine the best moves to make, as well as whether you need to renovate at all.

  • How would this renovation benefit the client?
  • How will the new space be utilized?
  • Will this maximize property value?
  • What limitations or barriers are there to make this project successful?
  • Does the age of the building make stark changes cost-prohibitive?
  • Why do you want to renovate now?

After answering these questions, your renovation project will start to look a little clearer. Now you know which changes are the most purposeful, and which will benefit your office in more than one way.

2. Consider the Neighborhood

Tips for Office Renovation

In some cases, exterior renovation can start with a quick look at the neighborhood. Are there amenities such as restaurants or shops that weren’t there when you opened? Do you have trees in the lawn that have finally matured, or has the street gotten a bit of painting makeover?

Factors like these can help you determine what the best course of action might be. You may only need to repaint the exterior or make the face of your office look more modern.

3. Incentives

Are there any economic incentives available through renovating? Second-generation buildings often gain both financing and tax incentives during their makeover. The best way to net incentives, however, is to create a renovation that attracts new jobs.

4. Adding Value

Tips for Office Renovation

It’s important to make changes that add value to the property. Just like a house, changes that increase value could potentially help you make a sale in the future. To bring out the highest amount value, you may want to consider top-quality contractors.

While you’re probably not thinking about selling your office space now, business needs might demand that you do so down the road. Plus, value-adding changes make working in the office that much more enjoyable in the meantime.

5. Let Your Clients and Employees Know

This step is often overlooked, but you might need to change your schedule around a bit to accommodate your renovations. You may not want to have clients in the office while commercial office cleaning companies are scrubbing your space from head to toe.

6. Take It All In Stride

Don’t attempt to tackle the entire renovation at once. Doing so can leave you stressed, overworked, and often incurs more problems from scheduling to speed bumps in the process. Instead, create a multi-phase redesign.

By scheduling specific upgrades over a longer period of time, your cash flow opens up and while your financial risk decreases. Start with core spaces, the ones that see the most traffic, then work outwards from there. Renovating a waiting room for clients or a common space amongst employees is a highly recommended first step.


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