Top Five Reasons to Buy Loose Leaf Tea Online

Tea is a popular beverage in the world. Every culture and country have billions of tea lovers who cannot stay a day without a cup of hot tea. Tea is your companion when you are not well or when you are feeling low or upset or when you are joyful.

How you prepare your tea is also a style in itself with various flavors available to choose from. You can simply dip a tea bag or prepare it in loose leaf style. You have an option to choose your flavored black teas and prepare it with hot water or you may chose to make it with milk and water, the choice is yours and both these preparations taste different.

You can either shop, for the various flavoured teas at the local market or buy loose leaf tea online. It goes without saying that loose leaf tea is the best method to relish tea.

There are many reasons for it, but top five reasons are listed below.

  1. It has greater health benefits as loose tea has bigger leaves and stronger catechin antioxidants and plant polyphenols. You will accrue more health benefits and it will help to lower your blood pressure, prevent cancer (of certain types), improve immunity, helps to lose weight and lower cholesterol. You should always remember that tea bags have lesser properties. Loose tea leaves are a healthy option and leaves should brew in the first six to eight months.

  1. Loose tea offers good aroma and taste than tea bags as they have a larger surface area than tea dust that is enveloped in the tea bags. As a result, more natural oils are released fro tea leaves giving you an amazing flavour and a pleasant aroma. Loose tea leaves have a good taste such as malty, vegetal, earthy, floral or sweet, whereas tea bags are stale, muddy and have a peculiar scent. Bags only add a tea color to tea and that is all.

  1. There are more varieties of loose tea as compared to tea bags because of the manner in which they are broken – oolong, white, green and black. Each of this classification leads to various varieties as every culture across the globe process it differently. A substantive portion of these are sold to the markets in loose forms, therefore more varieties exist for these.

  1. Loose tea leaves taste better as they are fresh since they are open and its freshness remains intact. Tea bags are processed and bagged and to a great extent its quality is compromised. It is not that the loose tea leaves cannot go bad, they can too, therefore, it is required not to store them over a prolonged period and purchase as much as you can consume in a limited amount of time.

It is a very popular gift, across all cultures around the world. You can buy loose tea baskets or buy assorted loose tea flavors or simply go for green loose tea options. The recipient of the gift will feel special as it is a great health beverage enjoyed by everyone. Next time you feel like dipping a tea bag in your hot cup, you must remember this and go an extra mile to use loose tea for a truly aromatic and amazing experience.

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Sam is a guest blogger & writer. His some write ups anyone read here:

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