Top Reasons Why Costa Rica’s National Parks Are A Real Treasure

By on February 14, 2019
Arenal volcano tour Costa Rica

Many people are unaware that Costa Rica’s national parks, such as the Arenal Volcano National Park, occupy more than twelve percent of the nation’s territory. Most people have heard that the amazing nation is really the Jewel of Central America and it is popular for its amazing scenery, eco-tourism, and friendly nationals. Additionally, it also features forest and biological reserves, mangroves, wildlife refuges, wetlands, and protected zones. It takes its ecology quite seriously.

Several North Americans visit the lovely nation while some even reside there permanently. The nation is ideal for vacations. Nevertheless, such vacations won’t be complete if you don’t see one of the national parks at least. This article offers a review of some among the foremost national parks you should visit.

Manuel Antonio

This is a truly lovely location on Costa Rica’s South Pacific shores. There are several restaurants and hotels as well as excellent beaches. The park is quite huge and features excellent wildlife diversity. It is best that you should engage the services of a guide (quite reasonable) or otherwise you might walk for several hours without sighting all the wonderful animals you were promised. This is because several of them are camouflaged. The park also features a few great beaches and for that only, it is truly worth visiting.

Arenal volcano

This one is located in Central Costa Rica and is surrounded by cloud forests, mountains, and lakes. If you take an Arenal volcano tour in Costa Rica, you will notice that it’s a fabulous sight and the Arenal town features several lodges, hotels, and so on, for visitors and excellent trails and even hot springs and sulphur pools. It’s a truly famous destination.


The meaning of the word Tortuga is a turtle and obviously, you will see several examples in the park which is located in the Limon Province that borders the Caribbean. This is a truly famous national park that features swamps, rainforests, as well as marine and coastal areas. Also, there are several varieties of turtles, that, include the largest known sea turtle which nestles there from the month of February to the month of July.


This destination is also located in the famous Limon Province and it comprises both sea and land. In this destination, you can get to actually enjoy excellent scuba diving and snorkelling and it features a truly massive coral reef. The southern beach also happens to be an area that’s utilized by many different varieties of sea turtle.

Palo verde

This national park is in Guanacaste and is a real paradise for bird watchers. This particular park safeguards marshland and forests in between two rivers. It also happens to be quite near San Jose, the country’s capital city.

From the descriptions that have been offered by this article, you have seen that, just similar to the country itself, Costa Rica’s national parks, such as the Arenal Volcano National Park, are truly diverse and the amazing tourist nation features a lot more than sufficient variety for everybody, irrespective of whether you happen to be interested in scuba diving, bird watching, viewing sloths, or just enjoying the walks.

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