Transport Luxury and Vintage Cars with Open and Closed Carrier Options

By on May 12, 2017
Transport Luxury Vintage Cars

Auto transportation is an easy task when you have the right people doing the right things. Most of the auto transport companies give you two options – use the open carrier auto transport or use the enclosed transport services.

Choose an open or a closed carrier

One may have an ordinary car or an expensive and exotic one, or a luxury model. The choice of the carrier will depend on this to an extent. The other thing that comes into play is the road condition and the terrain type that one will travel. When the car is expensive, one will choose the enclosed carrier for many reasons, the primary one being that it protects the vehicle from the dust and dirt during transit.

Choose the shipping agent

One can choose from the many shipping agents to get enclosed transport services in New York for their car. The criteria for selecting the transport service will include these points. The loaders at the transport company must take good care while loading and unloading the vehicle. The workers used must have full training and good experience.

Choice of carriers

If the car is exotic they must use soft tie-downs. They must deliver the vehicle in pristine condition. For some, the cost might not play an important role. While some will like it if the cost were not too high. The kind of carrier too matters for you have the single car covered carriers and multiple car covered carriers. Regardless of whether you have one vehicle to move or nine, you can use the covered trucks to ship your cars.

You can use the options for all your shipping needs. Thus, you can ship cars, motorcycles, houseplants, or anything else in a covered carrier or in an open truck. The open trucks will cost less and then move fast. So, your waiting time will remain lesser.

Plan your movement schedule

If you need to transport your car in an enclosed auto transport trailers New York has many shipping companies to do what you want. You can choose the best one by getting quotes from all the companies that do the shipping. Get the schedule from the truckers. They might move this weekend or may wait for a load due next Thursday. This means he will start only after that. Once you get the schedule from the driver, you can plan your own course of action. This will involve receiving the car at the other end and arranging for related actions.

Transportation for luxury and exotic cars

You can use the enclosed transportation if your vehicle is low-clearance or extra wide. Loading in a normal open carrier might present problems. The enclosed vehicle carrier has steel straps that attach to the wheel and immobilize the vehicle while in transit. Some transport vehicles have hydraulic gates that help in the low-slung vehicle’s movement, as is the case with most exotic and luxury vehicles. They also have climate control and articulated ramps. They transport antique cars, auto show cars, vintage cars, classic cars, and more.

Most of the big transport companies use satellite tracking and are available 24×7 for work. You can get in touch with the drivers over the phone and get updates.


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