Four Things You Must Know before Going for a Ugandan Adventure

By on September 17, 2018
Ugandan Adventure

The prospect of wildlife adventures in Uganda inspires hundreds of travellers each year to travel to Uganda. Everyone wants to live the African dream and a safari in Uganda offers to fulfil just that. So, in case you are planning on packing your bags and heading to this wonderland in search of adventure, here is a list of things that you need to know before you travel:

1. When is a good time to travel?

Ugandan Adventure

Ugandan Adventure

Short answer: anytime is a good time to travel in Uganda. Uganda is close to the equator and enjoys a tropical climate. Temperature through the year remains a pleasant 21.5 to 22 degree Celsius and almost never drops below twelve degrees. Even the rainy season does not make travelling less safe or enjoyable. But while the weather is of no concern, it is true that the costs of travelling differ depending on when you are visiting. The costs are generally higher during peak season. In the months of April and May, many companies offer huge discounts. Other than April and May, people usually prefer to visit Uganda during June to August or during December to February since these are generally considered the best times for game watching in the Murchison Falls and Queen Elizabeth National Parks.

2. How much will a safari in Uganda cost?

Again, it is important when you choose to travel here. If you are going here during the rainy season, including the months of April and May, you can avail extra discounts from the local tour operators. The discount during the rainy season is usually as much as a hundred and fifty dollars of gorilla safaris. Otherwise, the cost is usually 600 dollars per person. The accommodations during the safari would cost you anywhere between 150 to 900 dollars depending on whether you want your stay in the lap of luxury or not.

A three-day long safari in the Bwindi forests should cost each traveller around twelve hundred dollars. Safaris in Queen Elizabeth and Murchison usually cost about a thousand dollars for each person. But in case you are travelling as a group or a couple, you can avail as much as a 300-dollar discount.

3. Which tour to choose?

Depending on how many days you have on hand, you can choose any wildlife safari in Uganda that fits right into your itinerary. If you do not have many days left, go for a mountain gorilla safari that lasts for three days. Both Queen Elizabeth and the Murchison Falls would accommodate you accordingly. If you have a little more time, you can choose to fit another destination into the list or take your time exploring just one.

4. Are the people of Uganda helpful?

There is a reason that Winston Churchill called Uganda the pearl of Africa. The people here are honest and helpful. In fact, the people of Uganda have often been termed as the friendliest people in Africa. As long as you are being nice and respectful, Ugandans will return the favour and help you during your journey and, if you are lucky, tell you wonderful stories over plates of honey-like fruits.

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