Unique Destinations you can visit from Hyderabad this Winter

By on January 3, 2019

With the winter months, come milder temperatures. Now is a great time to start making travel plans. Hyderabad is a well-connected city and there are many intriguing destinations that will delight any visitor – from those blessed with natural beauty to ancient historical hubs. Nowadays, it is very easy to rent a car and head out of town for a blissful weekend getaway. Here are some interesting recommendations.


The caves of Badami are world-famous. The 420-km journey west across to Karnataka is a wonderful drive into the Deccan hinterland. Badami’s history goes back to the sixth century when it became a capital for the Badami Chalukyas. The cave temples that are carved into the magnificent red sandstone terrain bring visitors from far and wide and are considered one of the greatest examples of rock-cut architecture in the country. The cliffs around Badami also are a great place to indulge in rock climbing.


More ancient architecture is in store at Pattadakal, which is 400 kms from Hyderabad via the NH167. The centrepiece attractions here are the beautiful Jain and Hindu temples that were built across the 7th and 8th century. Visiting Pattadakal is like going on an architectural journey as one sees different styles of North and South India blending into one large complex of structures. From intricate carvings to friezes depicting important mythological events, Pattadakal is a treasure trove of the history and culture.


History buffs will enjoy the 3-hour drive north to Karimnagar. The minarets of the Elgandala Fort provide the most iconic sight of this town. The fort has a very picturesque setting amidst swaying palms on the banks of the Manair River. The history of this site goes back to the times of the famous Kakatiya kings and it later became station of the Mughal Empire several centuries later. The multi-layered history of this region is manifested best in the Elgandala Fort. The Lower Manair Dam is another Karimnagar spot worth a visit. Other historical attractions here include the temples of Nagunur and the Ramagiri Fort.

Bapatla – Surya Lanka Beach

Located close to Bapatla town and a 310-km drive from Hyderabad, Surya Lanka is an ideal destination to spend some time with the family. The waters are safe swim and the wide shoreline makes a lot of beach activities possible. Around the winter season, lucky visitors can sight dolphins just off the coast. The Jillelamudi Temple is another attraction in the region.

Self Drive – The Best Option

There are those who do not want to compromise on the adventure of a long trip and they opt for car rentals in Hyderabad. Travelling on one’s own terms is just sheer joy. Apart from the complete privacy and extra space, the entourage (or solo traveller) can stop and make detours any time. There is total control over the pace of the journey and app-based platforms like Zoomcar make all this happen at very affordable rates. Travellers get to choose from the latest range of SUVs, hatchbacks, and sedans that are running on Indian roads. 24/7 on-road support is a valuable assurance, especially for those undertaking long trips.

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