The Most Unusual and Dangerous Truck Driving Jobs in the World

By on March 19, 2018
Most Unusual and Dangerous Truck Driving Jobs

You can try asking any truck driver what the dangerous job in the world is, and chances are he or she will tell you that it’s his or her job; truck driving. He wouldn’t be exaggerating about this fact. You may think that life on the road is all about feeling the wind in your face or daydreaming while you stare out of your window. Or maybe it’s enjoying the drive for hours while listening to country music. It may feel like that sometimes, but most of the time, it doesn’t. If you ask anyone who has experience in truck driving, he or she will say that it’s a rollercoaster of the unexpected. Here are some examples:

  1. Truck driving in the French Alps

Driving in the French Alps will require you go through exceedingly threatening twists and turns. Driving in the French Alps is not just about parking and backing into a parking space. Your most difficult experience should not be going to and fro in a straight line. Most of the time, the roads are much more difficult to navigate than any other place. 

  1. Handling of hazardous materials 

If you’re someone who wants to stay safe, then you should not apply for a job at a chemical company. It’s even far more difficult to drive around with chemicals on your back. Believe it or not, hauling chemicals is a frequent job of people who drive trucks. Aside from your standard training to become a professional truck driver, this job requires more training in hazardous material handling and such.

You need to get trained for:

  1. Driving in extreme conditions 

Driving a truck can be more difficult than driving a car, and it can be more difficult if you have to drive in extreme conditions. For instance, sometimes you have to drive with a big load on a slippery slope or an icy road. If you’re applying to be a truck driver in extreme conditions, you need additional training. 

  1. Trucking with oversized loads 

Driving a large truck is difficult in itself, but driving it around with a heavy load can prove to be much more difficult. It’s also more difficult if the truck you’re driving is full of fragile cargo. Drivers with this job require confidence in their driving skills and their training. 

  1. Hauling oil and gas loads 

The hazards of truck driving include falling asleep after long hours on the job, like this truck driver who was killed in 2012. The same article states the previous decade alone, hundreds of personnel working in oil and gas industry were killed on the highway coming to and from job sites. If you plan to work as a trucker for the oil and gas industries, you need to prepare your body. Commercial drivers get 34 hours of rest after working for 60 hours, but those in the oil and gas industries only get 24 hours. 

  1. Truck driving on icy roads 

Driving your car on an icy road is dangerous. Now, try to imagine driving a fully loaded truck on the same path. It’s not only stressful and taxing, but it’s also life-threatening.

  1. Driving at a high speed 

Have you ever seen a truck speeding considerably down the highway? Imagine if you’re the one doing that… you need precision and accuracy, as well as a lot of focus and calculation on your part. 

  1. Driving the Road of the Dead

If you know about the Dead Man’s Curb, then you probably know what the Road of the Dead is. In South America, this road is also known as Yungas Road, a path that’s become a graveyard for many different kinds of vehicles. If you’re going to haul anything, pray you won’t be going through this terrifying 50-mile stretch, which is just outside of a war zone.

What You Can Do Legally

It can help a lot if you consult a lawyer if you’re interested in applying for a truck driving job. The lawyer will be able to help you figure out what your rights as a driver are, and what you can do if they’re violated in any way. If you need a legal consultation for your truck driving job, we can help you. All you need to do is click here.

Stay Safe

Make sure that you know and understand all the risks that are involved in truck driving. You should do everything that you can to become prepared for the job. Lastly, you should also know that, no matter how dangerous it can be, it can be gratifying. Truck driving is a job anyone should be proud of.

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