Some useful SEO trends for 2017

By on April 27, 2017
SEO trends for 2017

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is considered to be extremely crucial for almost every type of online business, irrespective of its being local or catering to a huge geographical area. With proper and timely SEO, it becomes possible for the business to be located by the targeted online audience. But, it is important to update the site from time to time and it needs to be done only with informative and original contents. SEO trends are noticed to come & go every time. Hence, there is a need to be constantly updated with the current global trends, so as to benefit from it.

Top SEO trends for this year from the best professional seo company Brisbane

  • Growing significance of mobile search: These days, people have been using different types of mobile phones for accessing the web. Hence, designing business sites for tablets, smartphones, laptops, etc. has become crucial. In 2017, more businesses are expected to find its way onto the mobile sites. Besides this, the centre stage is to be taken by mobile optimization. Hence, the right SEO strategies are to be created for mobile searches.
  • Content marketing: Its objective is to offer immense value to the sire visitors. In case, the desire is to develop an excellent content marketing campaign, focus is to be made on providing accurate answers. It is necessary to make sure that every word written is to have value in it and appropriate and correct answers are to be provided to the readers.
  • Engaging and informative contents: It is only unique and interactive content that can give out that wonderful feeling. It can motivate the targeted audience to take prompt action. Copied and duplicate contents should be done away with, since these will not help the site to rank, but only make it to slip the charts continuously and even get the site to be banned. According to the experts, better rankings can be derived by those blogs and articles whose word counts range between 1000 & 1200 words.
  • Interactive videos: Videos do speak much more than words. They are indeed a wonderful way to keep the audience completely entertained and engaged. Website ranking of the page can be improved dramatically on the leading SERPs (search engine result pages) simply by making use of good quality and content rich videos. As a matter of fact, of all types of searches made on Google, videos tend to make about 60% of the search globally. Moreover, Google is seen to give more attention to blended searches or results. This opportunity should not be missed out and for deriving maximum benefit from it, one should hire the best and affordable seo services Brisbane.
  • Significance of Local SEO: Local SEO is currently being focused upon more by the search engines. Hence, businesses eager to tap local business should attempt to have this opportunity tapped for accumulating better output and revenue. In 2017, location does play crucial role in the search rankings. This trend has been rendered by modern geolocation maps.

Overall, following the above seo trends for 2017 can help the online business to overcome competition and to achieve success.


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